Manchester family shares how they eat five pounds a month to save money

Briton Jim Parums claims that he collected mushrooms at a young age. His grandmother taught him this. According to the man, he again turned to nature and took up foraging, as he was tired of purchased semi-finished products. In addition, the decision of the Briton was influenced by a significant increase in food prices. .

Yulia Vysotskaya spoke with the creators of “Eat at home” in a raised voice

Vysotskaya filmed a backstage for one of the episodes of the program in the summer. During the program, the TV presenter asked the operator to remove those present. However, he preferred to discuss, the celebrity had to switch to a raised tone. .

Edition of Eat This, Not That! listed the often overlooked signs of colon cancer

Other symptoms may indicate the development of colon cancer. For example, bloating, constant feeling of tiredness and weakness, as well as blood in the stool. As a preventive measure, experts advised people aged 45 and older to undergo a colonoscopy. .