Boskalis earns a lot from oil and gas: ‘Enough energy this winter, but expensive’

The Netherlands will be able to obtain sufficient energy this winter, but it will be expensive. That says CEO Peter Berdowski of maritime service provider Boskalis, which profits considerably from the high energy prices, to De Telegraaf. Meanwhile, the CEO is concerned about the deteriorating investment climate in the Netherlands. Copy to clipboard

Which industry earns the most? Rating by Russian cities

The industries where you can earn the most are named. In Russia, the highest salaries are for those who work in the financial services industry, in the public service, and in the field of IT technologies. Moscow is the leader, according to RIA Novosti, which conducted the relevant research. Residents of the capital, working in … Read more

Russia earns €93 billion in fuel exports since war

In the first 100 days of the war in Ukraine, Russia made €93 billion in fossil fuel exports. The bulk of Russian oil and gas exports went to the European Union. This is reported by the independent Finnish research center for Energy and Clean Air (CREA). According to CREA’s research, the EU accounted for 61% … Read more

Political scientist Zakharov: Kyiv earns on its partners by stealing military aid

Photo: Maxym Marusenko/ Look Press The complaints of foreign mercenaries about the shortage of supplies from the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirm the effectiveness of the strikes of the Russian Armed Forces on the locations of military aid supplied by the West to Ukraine. This was stated by the head of the ANO “Eurasian Center … Read more

‘Dutchman earns capital from trade in Russian oil’

Message about this The Wall Street Journal (WSJ)† Paramount buys the Russian oil at huge discounts and would earn at least $ 20 million per freight, according to the American business newspaper. Also watch: 4 questions: do we still have enough oil to withstand Russia? The company has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, but trades … Read more

SPB Exchange is preparing for the new year // The platform may conduct an IPO in 2022

SPB Exchange may conduct a public offering next year, orienting investors towards the “period until the summer.” A few months ago we were talking about this fall. On the one hand, the chances of an IPO of success are increased by each additional month in which the site earns revenue. On the other hand, at … Read more