Sergei Shnurov earned 120 million rubles for a concert at Luzhniki

The Leningrad group, which performed at the Moscow Luzhniki stadium at a concert in honor of the anniversary of the capital, received 120 million rubles for the concert. This is reported by MK.RU with reference to both its own sources and the leader of the team, Sergei Shnurov. The publication notes that initially the organizers … Read more

Ivan Urgant earned 4.5 million rubles for the first broadcast after returning to Russia

Of course, the showman, not on a free basis, acted as the host of the release. As it turned out, three and a half hours of air time cost the customer 4.5 million rubles. According to various sources, the TV presenter receives just such a fee for participating in one corporate party. .

How can I top up the SIM card “In touch” // Rules of the game

Recently launched in the Kherson region and Zaporozhye, the +7Telecom operator (the On Line brand) with the code +7990 (see below for more details on the communication system in the regions) actively sells SIM cards (70 hryvnias), but it is impossible to top up the balance of such numbers : payments do not go through … Read more

“Avtotor” earned, but reduced output

Kaliningrad Automobile Plant “Avtotor” announced the resumption of production. The company clarified that they produce understaffed machines, plus they seriously reduced the volume. If earlier 900 cars left the assembly line a day, now it is 200, the founder of the company, Vladimir Shcherbakov, told Kaliningrad journalists in an interview. He also noted that there … Read more

Nyusha’s four-year-old daughter earned her first money

In her YouTube vlog, Nyusha said that four-year-old Simba took part in an advertising shoot for the airline. The singer said that for the first role in her life, the girl received 30 thousand rubles. After work, Simba immediately gave the money to the star mother and asked for chocolate ice cream. .

Ivleeva and gymnast Davydova earned over 250 million rubles in the weight loss marathon

Those wishing to get in shape with a celebrity were offered two tariffs to choose from. Lite costs 2.8 thousand rubles, and Ultra – 3.2 thousand. The more expensive option gives you access to a Dubai trip raffle, Apple tech and beauty boxes. .

GIPL gas pipeline launched between Poland and Lithuania

The GIPL (Gas Interconnection Poland-Lithuania) gas pipeline connecting Poland and Lithuania started operation on Sunday, May 1, Nemunas Biknyus, CEO of the Lithuanian gas network operator Amber Grid, said. The new gas pipeline will provide access to liquefied gas from the floating terminal in Klaipeda, which Poland will be able to import via the pipeline … Read more

Blogger Nastya Ivleeva earned almost 13 times more from her business than Ksenia Sobchak

As follows from the data posted in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRLE), the annual profit of Ivleeva Production LLC amounted to 76 million rubles. The second business of the star, which produces chips from Nastya Ivleeva, LLC “Bee Knees”, earned 82 thousand rubles. .