Dry cargo ship Queen Sara with Ukrainian corn arrived in Egypt

According to him, Queen Sara was transporting over 11,000 tons of corn. The ship has already successfully docked in Abu Kira. The departure of the dry cargo ship from the Ukrainian port of Yuzhny was agreed by the joint coordination center in Istanbul on 5 September. .

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced the counterproductiveness of attempts to dramatize the events around Sokhnut

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that official Moscow has a strategic interest in developing relations with Israel, despite “some rough edges” with the current government of this country. .

Two dry cargo ships with food received permission to leave the Ukrainian port

pxhere.com The Joint Coordinating Center approved the departure of two dry cargo ships with food from the port of Chernomorsk on 20 August. This was reported to the SCC. According to the center, the Zumrut ANA ship will carry 6.3 thousand tons of sunflower oil to Venice. The second bulk carrier OCEAN S will deliver … Read more

Doctor Mikhaleva announced the positive effect of chocolate and dry wine on libido

A medical specialist claims that an increase or decrease in libido largely depends on a person’s diet. According to her, this is due to the peculiarities of the production of hormones. Libido-healthy foods include fish, seafood, lean poultry, chocolate, and dry wine. In addition, Mikhaleva advises paying attention to the beneficial properties of vegetable oil. … Read more

There was a video of the consequences of the accident with a dry cargo ship in Primorsky Krai

The footage captured the consequences of the accident of the dry cargo ship “Maria” in the Sea of ​​Japan near the village of Transfiguration. The video from the copter was published by the Trepang-DV Telegram channel on August 8. “On the ship of the Terneyles company, which was transporting lumber, presumably, there was an overload … Read more

The first of three dry cargo ships with corn from Ukraine arrived in Istanbul

The first of three dry cargo ships with corn from Ukraine arrived in Istanbul. This was announced on August 6 by the Ministry of National Defense of Turkey. “The Panama-flagged Navistar ship, which will sail from Ukraine to Ireland with 33,000 tons of corn and left the port of Odessa, reached the designated place in … Read more

Ovechkin helped football Dynamo beat Amkal dry in a friendly match

Moscow “Dynamo” beat the amateur team “Amkal” in a friendly football match. The meeting was held at the VTB Arena and ended with a score of 5:0, one goal for the blue and white was scored by the famous Russian NHL hockey player and captain of the Washington Capitals Alexander Ovechkin. .

Dry lips and swollen tongue may be signs of an iron deficiency in the body.

According to doctors, iron deficiency can be determined by a number of external signs. Patients suffering from this disease complain of increased fragility of the nails, as well as a change in their shape. The condition is also characterized by dry, chapped lips and a swollen tongue. .

Rosmorrechflot told details about the dry cargo ship near Tuapse that requested help

A dry cargo ship flying the flag of Cameroon, which requested help while off the coast of Tuapse, is not in distress – it just ran aground. The situation is stable. This was reported in Rosmorrechflot. “It is in shallow water, there was a roll. There is a tugboat nearby if help is needed. There … Read more