Zakharova accused the SBU of drug trafficking in Russia

She wrote about this in her Telegram channel. According to her, the Kyiv regime is trying to destabilize the situation in Russia through the rehabilitation of fascism and biological experiments on people. Zakharova stressed that Ukraine is using “everything the lowest that can be thought of” against the Russian Federation. .

Dealers of the drug store “Uncle Joe’s Shop” were detained on the boulevard of Workers in Kolpino

Nikolay Gyngazov/Russian Look/Globallookpress Law enforcement officers detained two owners of the online drug store “Uncle Joe’s Shop” on the boulevard of Workers in Kolpino. Young people passed illegal substances to their clients with the help of hiding places, “bookmarks”, writes TV channel 78, citing a police source. According to law enforcement officers, the 22-year-old and … Read more

Open drug use and naked massage: manager flies out

The use of hard drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy is so common among the younger generation that you can throw it on the table at business meetings. At least that was the argument of a 34-year-old account manager for a solar energy company when he challenged his summary dismissal. The judge did not agree. … Read more

Scientists from Russia and Poland have created a cancer drug that is safe for the body

With the help of silver nanoparticles, the drug effectively extends the membrane of a cancer cell. He begins to accumulate inside her, and then destroys. The search for a malignant cell with a drug will be carried out using smart delivery technology based on targeted molecules. .

MIET scientists have presented an anti-cancer drug that does not destroy healthy cells

Lung cancer is considered one of the most common types of cancer, especially in men. At the moment, cisplatin-based drugs are used to treat patients with this diagnosis, which can slow down and stop the growth of cancer cells, but with a negative effect on healthy ones. However, Russian scientists have created a new effective … Read more

Released strictly under the state contract

The seller of medicines is not responsible if the state registration of the drug was canceled due to third parties and after it was transferred to the buyer. This decision was made by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation (SC) in a dispute between the Crimean Ministry of Health and R-Pharm, also noting the … Read more

Party drug MDMA found again in three-liter bottles of champagne

The hard drug MDMA has probably been found again in three-liter bottles of the luxury champagne brand Moët and Chandon. Users can get sick and even die after consumption. The Belgian food and commodity authority, the Federal Food Agency (FAVV) warns against the champagne batch. It concerns three-litre bottles of the brand Moët & Chandon … Read more

Venezuela launched a special operation against drug cartels

The operational and strategic commander of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), Domingo Hernandez Lares, noted that since the beginning of the year, the authorities have managed to eliminate 257 camps of Colombian criminal groups. Moreover, 202 of them were used for the production of explosive devices, 32 for logistics services, 23 for the processing … Read more