The wife of a drug supplier for Ukrainian deputies begging for bail money

She said that 4 million hryvnias (6.4 million rubles) were needed to “save” her husband. Chernetsky’s wife considered that only 4 thousand people would need to participate, who would send 1 thousand hryvnias (about 1.6 thousand rubles) to her account – then, according to her, the man could be released from prison on bail. .

Dana Borisova thanked Andrey Malakhov for help in the fight against drug addiction

Komsomolskaya Pravda/Global Look Press A few years ago, TV presenter Andrei Malakhov extended a helping hand to his colleague Dana Borisova, who suffered from addiction. Until now, the star is grateful to the showman and considers him his most beloved subscriber. Borisova is very warm towards Malakhov. The TV presenter still continues to support his … Read more

Amur police arrested a drug dealer

Nikolay Gyngazov/Global Look Press Employees of the Trans-Baikal Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on transport carried out an operation to detain a resident of the village of Lozovoe, Amur Region. As explained in the department, after processing operational information, a suspect in drug trafficking was detained. It is noted that the … Read more

Musk suggested that Biden release all drug convicts from prison

American businessman Elon Musk proposed to release all those convicted on drug charges from prisons. He made such a statement on August 4 in an interview with the YouTube channel Full Send Podcast against the background of the active work of US President Joe Biden on the release of basketball player Brittney Griner. “If the … Read more

Scientists at Sechenov University are developing a drug to save women’s health

An innovative, unparalleled medical product for the treatment of infectious diseases of the female reproductive system is being developed by specialists from the Center for Industrial Technologies and Entrepreneurship of Sechenov University together with Kinetic-Pharm LLC. As Izvestiya was told in the press service of the institution, the scientists plan to start preclinical studies this … Read more

FSB stopped the work of an underground drug laboratory in Primorsky Krai Novosti archive, image #846846 / Andrey Stenin / CC-BY-SA 3.0 The clandestine laboratory was engaged in the production of potent synthetic drugs. It was located on the territory of one of the private houses in the Primorsky Territory. The officers of the regional department of the FSB of Russia were engaged in the detention … Read more