A young man without a license crashed to death while driving a VAZ-2105 in Bashkiria

The young man was seriously injured, he died before the arrival of doctors. Employees of the State traffic inspectorate found out that the 19-year-old guy did not have a driver’s license, and the car was not registered in the prescribed manner. The accident is under investigation. .

The driver driving a Zhiguli rammed a roadside cafe in Novosibirsk

The incident took place on the territory of the Kalinin region. The driver of a domestic passenger car rammed a commercial building, as a result of which a 12-year-old passenger who was in the car was injured. He was hospitalized. It is noted that at the time of the accident in the pavilion was the … Read more

Husband of Nancy Pelosi arrested for drunk driving

In California, police detained the husband of the speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. The police said that 82-year-old Paul Pelosi got behind the wheel while intoxicated. The blood alcohol content is above 0.08 ppm, which is a separate offense. It is reported by CNN with reference to the Napa County Offenses … Read more

A resident of Novosibirsk driving a foreign car knocked down an 11-year-old student on a scooter

In Novosibirsk, law enforcement officers are investigating the circumstances of an accident involving an 11-year-old schoolboy who was hit by a foreign car while riding a scooter. This was reported in the press service of the regional traffic police department, .

Medvedev: The West is driving itself into a global crisis with sanctions against Russia

Kremlin Pool/Global Look Press Anti-Russian sanctions are driving the West into a global crisis. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. During the United Russia forum “Entrepreneurship in the New Economic Reality,” the politician noted that Moscow is now trying to stop attempts to limit Russia. … Read more

Psychologist Yausheva advised listening to your favorite music without words while driving

According to Daria Yausheva, calm and relaxed music will make you feel especially comfortable while driving. It is desirable to include instrumental compositions, since the lyrics of the song may distract from the road. It is important that the music is pleasant and familiar, the psychologist added. .