Turks accuse Zelensky of trying to drag the world into a nuclear war

Readers of the Turkish newspaper Haber7 wanted the country to leave NATO if Ukraine joins the North Atlantic Alliance. Thus, they reacted to the decision of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to apply to join the bloc on an accelerated basis. “He will soon lose Ukraine, while still hoping for help from NATO and the United … Read more

Zelensky: truce with Russia without returning territories to Ukraine will drag out conflict

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said on July 22 that a truce with Russia without the return of territories to Ukraine would lead to a prolongation of the conflict. “Freezing the conflict with Russia means a pause that will give the Russian Federation a breather. They will not use the pause to change their geopolitics … Read more

Europe no longer wants to drag the Ukrainian “suitcase without a handle”

Grill noted that the confrontation with Russia, the gas and oil issue is ruining Europe, and the crowds of refugees from Ukraine threaten the internal security and stability of the entire continent. The re-election of many leading leaders against the background of the Ukrainian events can become quite problematic. According to the expert, an ordinary … Read more

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg allowed the conflict in Ukraine to drag on

Stoltenberg believes that it is worth preparing for a protracted conflict in Ukraine. According to him, in this perspective, Kyiv will not have enough weapons from the times of the Soviet Union, so it should switch to Western weapons. The politician urged to increase the supply of military assistance to Ukraine, as well as to … Read more

Sergei Vostretsov reported on US attempts to drag Finland and Sweden into NATO

According to him, no one in Europe wants to think about the consequences of the admission of these countries to the North Atlantic Alliance. The politician stressed that Russia would not enter into conflict with the United States and its allies, for which, in the event of a confrontation, everything would end very sadly. .

They drag him to the SBU and start torturing him: political scientist Zhivov on Kyiv’s attitude towards its own citizens

Yesterday, April 5, a video appeared on social networks where SBU officers beat people in civilian clothes on the street. Mayor of Dnipro Boris Filatov later confirmed the authenticity of these videos. The official said that the beating took place in Pavlograd, and the victims were criminals. However, according to unofficial data from other sources, … Read more

Military expert Artamonov: Kyiv is trying to drag all NATO members into the conflict

On the air of the next issue of the socio-political show “Big Game”, aired on Channel One, the topic for discussion was the provocation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Bucha and forecasts for the near future in relations between the Russian Federation, the EU and Ukraine. Almost all experts agreed that such actions … Read more