The leader of the DPRK brought his daughter out for the second time

Kim Jong-un met with the military and scientists responsible for the launch of the Hwaseong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile. The daughter of the North Korean leader was everywhere next to her father, holding his arm. Kim Jong-un’s daughter made her first public appearance during the launch of a “new type” intercontinental ballistic missile. The Western media … Read more

South Korea confirms North Korea’s launch of a ballistic missile into the Sea of ​​Japan

Global Look Press | Benoit Doppagne/ South Korean soldiers spotted a missile launch from North Korea. This information was reported by the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea. The launch was seen on November 17 at approximately 10:48 (04:48 Moscow time). North Korea fired one short-range ballistic missile towards the Sea of ​​Japan. “Our … Read more

Russia’s contacts with Iran, North Korea and China make the West nervous

As they say, let them say what they want. Even if there are no public alliances between Iran, North Korea and Russia, we can see with our own eyes that states persecuted by Western sanctions, voluntarily or involuntarily, begin to draw closer in a common struggle against the world hegemon. China’s non-participation in this game … Read more

Boiling point: what are Washington’s provocations against the DPRK leading to

Global Look Press | Kcna/Xinhua Feeling the strongest pressure from the United States and its Asian satellites, North Korea has been forced to engage in demonstrative rocket launches and artillery firing in the immediate vicinity of the demilitarized zone for the past few days. At the moment, Pyongyang has no other way to declare to … Read more

The political scientist called the advantages of the DPRK in the confrontation with the United States

The leadership of the DPRK understands that the United States seeks to destroy the country at any cost, therefore they have created a nuclear weapon capable of resisting the States. In addition, the regime of Kim Jong-un has support among the population. This opinion was expressed on November 4 in an interview with Izvestia by … Read more