The Central Bank of the Russian Federation published dollar and euro rates for the weekend

The dollar exchange rate is set at 60.48 rubles per currency unit. This is 0.09 rubles more than the day before. Prior to this, the Central Bank for three days reduced the quotes of the currency of the United States of America. .

Named the reasons for the strengthening of the ruble

The Russian ruble has successfully consolidated its position in the region of 60 per $1 and shows unprecedented stability, Yaroslav Ostrovsky, a specialist in the Strategic Research Department at Total Research, told Izvestia on November 16. Until the end of 2022, the value of the dollar will remain in the region of 60-61 rubles, with … Read more

The value of the dollar may rise against the background of the results of the midterm elections in the United States

Roman Etkind expects that the House of Representatives will be almost 100% under the control of the Republicans. Regarding the Senate, he still does not have an understanding of the situation, since the counting of votes has not ended. There were problems with voting due to the lack of ballots and problems with the operation … Read more

Market analyst Alexander Bagmanov spoke about the change in the ruble exchange rate

Federal news agency At the moment, the ruble is strengthening due to high energy prices and the market reaction to the announcement of the lifting of sanctions. However, in the long term, the Russian currency is likely to gradually weaken. This was stated by the analyst of the publication “Economy Today” Alexander Bagmanov. The ruble … Read more

Dollar exchange rate in the budget for 2023 – forecasts and factors

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation calculated the dollar exchange rate for 2023 and the planning period 2024-2025. The basis for the forecasts was a socio-economic analysis of all the factors that have developed to date – external and internal. How the course will change – read the material of Izvestia. What dollar … Read more

Moscow exchange trading opened with a depreciation of the euro

The dollar rose in price during trading on the Moscow Exchange by 15 kopecks and reached 61.55 rubles. The euro fell by 35 kopecks, to 60.25 rubles. The value of the yuan fell by three kopecks, to 8.41 rubles. .

Economist Grigoriev said that the dollar is unlikely to strengthen to 80 rubles

Federal news agency Russians should not expect strong exchange rate fluctuations and a sharp weakening of the ruble in the near future, financial expert Vladimir Grigoriev said in a commentary to “I don’t think the dollar will be at 80, it’s almost unrealistic. Some very serious things have to happen for this to happen. … Read more

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has set the official euro and dollar rates for October 12

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