Doctor Vasilyeva warned about the risk of contracting jaundice due to non-compliance with personal hygiene

According to the expert, you can get this type of hepatitis if you eat contaminated food or water. There is also a risk of transmission of the virus in case of contact with a sick person, for example, through personal hygiene products. .

More than 45% of Russians consider the profession of a doctor the most difficult

The survey was attended by 2,800 people over the age of 18 living in different regions of the country. According to the data obtained by analysts, the first place in the ranking was taken by the professions of an astronaut and a doctor. 45% of respondents voted for them. The second place was shared between … Read more

Doctor Vyalov warned about the ability of helminths to disguise themselves as various diseases Parasites that have settled in the human body can disguise themselves as a number of diseases, such as cystitis, bronchitis and osteochondrosis. Symptoms depend on where exactly the helminth settled. This was warned by a gastroenterologist Sergei Vyalov. “For example, if the worm is in the brain, then these can be symptoms similar to … Read more

Doctor Zaitsev linked tinnitus with inflammation of the auditory nerve

Noise in the ears can be both an independent symptom and a sign of a disease. We are talking about sensorineural hearing loss and inflammation of the auditory nerve. In addition, the cause may be conductive hearing loss or sulfur plug, the doctor said in an interview with URA.RU. .

Doctor Zhito spoke about common diseases among women over 40

First of all, in older women, the risk of developing gallstone disease increases. The formation of stones leads to chronic cholecystitis, biliary colic and even chronic pancreatitis. To avoid this, you should regularly undergo an ultrasound of the gallbladder, the physician noted. .

Doctor Pogozheva warned about the dangers of purchased pastries and sweets Purchased pastries, sweets and a number of other products pose a particular danger to human health. Alla Pogozheva, Doctor of Medical Sciences, spoke about this. The specialist drew attention to recent studies, the results of which showed that the main enemy for the cardiovascular system is not fatty meat, but pastries from the store. … Read more

Doctor Kashukh linked the appearance of edema around the eyes with the development of kidney disease

The specialist claims that the kidneys are among the vital organs that support the life support of the body. Most often, the causes of kidney disease are the wrong lifestyle, complications from the transferred COVID-19, lack of oxygen. .