Dmitry Nagiev does not plan to give a gift to his grandson for the New Year

After leaving Channel One, the Chikatilo star began to appear less frequently in public. However, for the sake of the premiere of a new film with his participation, the actor made an exception. During a conversation with Nagiyev, journalists asked him a question about a New Year’s gift for his grandson, but the artist hinted … Read more

Dmitry Nagiyev spoke about the reasons for leaving Channel One

frame from the program “Voice” Russian actor Dmitry Nagiyev took part in the show on the YouTube channel “Skillbox Lectorium”. During the interview, the TV presenter told why he decided to leave Channel One after ten years of cooperation. Previously, the showman preferred not to talk about the reasons for his decision. However, the other … Read more

Polina Gagarina hinted at a reunion with ex-husband Dmitry Iskhakov

A little later, Iskhakov also published a video from the same place. Neither the singer nor the businessman began to “shine” in each other’s frame. The former spouses also did not give any comments, however, celebrity fans are already building theories and hoping for a reunion of the couple. .

Dmitry Malikov: “Grab hands are a hit!”

Petersburg hosted a concert by Dmitry Malikov. In an interview with a FAN correspondent, the singer told why he loves our city, who his listener is, and also about the memorability of Ruk-zagrebuk and work with Khovansky. – I think that the St. Petersburg public is very demanding, you can’t fool them. Therefore, if she … Read more

Show Time announced Dmitry Malikov’s concert at the St. Petersburg “Cosmonaut”

The concert will take place on November 25 in St. Petersburg. The organizers of the performance promise that Dmitry Malikov will make the audience forget about age and musical tastes. The artist will perform his popular hits, such as “You are the only one”, “My distant star” and many others. .