What they fought for, they ran into: political scientist Perendzhiev on US dissatisfaction with Kyiv’s requests

Federal News Agency Washington’s attempts to put Kyiv in its place indirectly show that a rethinking of their participation in the conflict in Ukraine could begin in the United States, said Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the Russian University of Economics. Plekhanov Alexander Perendzhiev. So in an interview with … Read more

The publication Aydınlık reported on Ankara’s dissatisfaction with the anti-Turkish campaign of Kyiv

Recall that after the start of a special operation to protect the Donbass, the Turkish government refused to impose sanctions against Russia. In this regard, official Kyiv advocated the introduction of economic bans against Ankara. In particular, the heads of Credit Europe Bank and İş Bank may be subject to restrictions. .

political scientist Dudchak on the dissatisfaction of the Czechs with the government

Over time, there will be even more rallies similar to those in the Czech capital. The key point is to prevent the Western media from demonizing the protesters and passing them off as “Kremlin agents”, blaming Russia along the way. In addition, the protesters need to more clearly indicate precisely the political demands. Such an … Read more

Europe’s dissatisfaction with Russian laws speaks of their effectiveness

The changes imply a ban on educational activities for persons recognized as foreign agents. In these amendments, the ECtHR found violations of human rights, including freedom of assembly and expression. According to Piskarev, it is precisely the dissatisfaction of Europe that indicates that the approved points are effective. It is not the first time that … Read more