A Vietnamese woman who swallowed a “stone from all diseases” was taken to the hospital

A Vietnamese woman swallowed a “stone for all diseases” to recover from a cough, but ended up in the hospital. Local doctors performed an operation and removed a potentially dangerous object from the esophagus of a 70-year-old citizen, writes VN Express. .

Psychologist Sukhinin linked the development of stomach diseases with anxiety due to unloved work

Anxiety that a person experiences because of an unloved job can be detrimental to health. This condition provokes the development of stomach diseases, said clinical psychologist, psychosomatologist Roman Sukhinin. .

Doctor Kuznetsova called eye twitching a sign of the development of dangerous diseases

A medical specialist claims that most often the cause of the development of such a tick is past infections. In particular, eye twitching may be experienced by patients who have had conjunctivitis or the common flu. In addition, this phenomenon may occur due to a deficiency of magnesium and B vitamins in the body. .

Doctors called ways to avoid exacerbation of joint diseases in the fall

Warmth, physical therapy and prevention of hypothermia will help to avoid exacerbation of joint diseases that occur in the cold season. This was announced on November 5 by the director of the rehabilitation center of the Moscow State Medical University. THEM. Sechenov Konstantin Ternovoi and orthopedist Andrey Litvinenko. Wet and cold weather in autumn can … Read more

Sheffield-Hallam University scientists link the development of brain diseases with the state of the intestine

During the study, scientists identified the main types of bacteria present in the intestines of patients with Parkinson’s disease. In total, about 100 species of such bacteria have been isolated. The scientists injected the participants with liquid probiotics that increased the number of “good” bacteria in the gut. As a result, the subjects stated that … Read more