Renault offered to buy its employees shares of the company at a discount

According to the Renaulution Shareplan, by 2030 the Renault Group plans to triple the number of employees holding company securities to 10% of its total shareholders. To stir up interest in the program, employees – there were about 100,000 of them in 29 countries – are offered 6 free promotions. True, there is a caveat: … Read more

Expert Mironyuk allowed the increase in Urals oil discount to Brent to $30 per barrel

FBA “Economy Today” After the entry into force on December 5 of the EU embargo on purchases of Russian oil transported by sea, the discount on the Urals grade could reach $30 per barrel. Such a forecast was voiced by the analyst of BCS World Investments Yevgeny Mironyuk, Kommersant FM reports. In his opinion, the … Read more

Pugacheva was offered a place in a nursing home and a discount on electricity bills in Israel

Pugacheva is famous not only for her creative success, but also for high-profile scandals and love for a luxurious life. Her castle in the village of Gryaz, put up for sale for 1 billion rubles, has been overgrown with various rumors and gossip. Primadonna’s neighbors complained that the singer was dumping waste into local water … Read more

Turkey asked for a discount on Russian gas from Gazprom

Turkey has been pushing hard for a discount on Russian gas and has asked Gazprom for an opportunity to defer payments. This was stated on October 25 by the Minister of Finance and Treasury of the Republic Nureddin Nebati. According to him, Ankara buys a large amount of gas from Moscow and expects “good news” … Read more

Biden got a discount on chicken quesadillas at Tacos in Los Angeles

US President Joe Biden was given a discount on chicken quesadillas at Tacos in Los Angeles. The corresponding video was published by the New York Post on Friday, October 14. While shopping for food, he brushed off a reporter’s question about $7-a-gallon gas in California, explaining that “it’s always been that way,” the publication added. … Read more