The Ministry of Finance will not yet give state corporations directives to replace “unfriendly” currencies

The Ministry of Finance does not see the need for directives to state corporations on the transfer of funds stored in the currencies of unfriendly countries to other currencies. It is reported by RBC. The department notes that state-owned companies are already trying to get rid of unreliable currencies. “Together with companies (the Ministry of … Read more

State-owned companies are forced to end-to-end projects // For the development of Russian radio electronics

The White House intends to more widely involve state-owned companies in the implementation of “end-to-end projects” by introducing Russian radio electronics products in state JSCs, including domestic processors. The Ministry of Digital Development has developed a draft directive for a wide range of state-owned companies on mandatory participation in such projects. The government expects that … Read more

Nord Stream 2 AG claims “discriminatory impact” of EU gas directive

The operator of the Nord Stream 2 project, Nord Stream 2 AG, said that it did not agree with the decision of the Supreme Land Court of Dusseldorf and would later announce its next steps. Earlier today, on August 25, a court ruled that the EU gas market rules are applicable to the Russian Nord … Read more