FP spoke about Washington’s difficulties in making decisions on the conflict in Ukraine

The conflict in Ukraine puts the US leadership in a difficult position because of the need to choose between further assistance to the Kyiv regime and containment of the escalation of the conflict with Moscow. This was announced on Tuesday, November 29, by Foreign Policy magazine. “Administration [президента США Джо] Biden could find himself in … Read more

Actress Maria Poroshina spoke about the difficulties in the period of relations with Gosha Kutsenko

The actress admitted that Kutsenko played an important role in her life. The star remembered how, after being expelled from the Moscow Art Theater School in her second year, the ex-chosen one sent her to the Shchukin school and helped her to enter. Later, the irreparable happened to the couple – they lost the child. … Read more

Difficulties in transition: volunteers reported problems with the import of goods for the needs of the NWO

The transportation of bulletproof vests, helmets and quadrocopters, which volunteers buy abroad for the needs of the SVO, is blocked by the customs service – such messages appeared on a number of Telegram channels over the weekend. On Sunday, November 27, the FCS refuted these statements: according to the customs department, all goods that were … Read more

In Germany, noted the growth of companies facing financial difficulties

More than 300 thousand German companies are facing financial difficulties due to inflation and energy costs. This is reported by the German magazine FOCUS with reference to the data of the Crif information system. In November, compared to March, the number of companies reporting financial difficulties increased by 15.6%. The estimated number of bankruptcies in … Read more

The budget of the film “Cheburashka” has grown to 850 million rubles due to difficulties with graphics

Frame from the film “Cheburashka” The production budget of the upcoming film “Cheburashka” increased 1.5 months before the premiere. It grew to 850 million rubles due to the difficulties of working with graphics. The filmmakers requested additional funding from the Cinema Fund in the amount of 150 million rubles. The budget of the tape has … Read more

a woman from Kiev spoke about the difficulties of life in a high-rise building without light

The woman said that she already regrets choosing an apartment in a high-rise building. Every day she has to take the child to the garden up the stairs. The dwelling itself without light “turns into a cave”, since electricity is needed for water supply and heating of the house. .