“This Day in History” What happened on September 24, holidays, facts, people

We will tell about important historical events, unusual holidays and stellar birthdays in the new issue of the program “This Day in History”. September 24 is a professional holiday celebrated by IT specialists. Today, this direction is considered one of the most promising and necessary. Also, according to a survey conducted in 2009, this is … Read more

The latest developments for the gas industry were presented at SPIGF

Stepan Yatsko Lakhta Center, Yacht Bridge The eleventh international gas forum was held in St. Petersburg. For four days, leading experts from major Russian and foreign companies held lively discussions to set the right vector for the development of the oil and gas industry. Within the framework of the forum, 80 events of the business … Read more

“This Day in History” What happened on September 19, holidays, facts, people

The date of September 19 became known in Russia as Gunsmith’s Day. This professional holiday is celebrated by employees of the military-industrial complex, as well as engineers who create weapons. It was established after a personal conversation between M. T. Kalashnikov and V. V. Putin. It is symbolic that today the Russian Orthodox Church honors … Read more

Top 10 most unusual Russian events according to YaRUS

unsplash.com From Moscow to the outskirts: YARUS covers almost 900 Russian cities, and each of them has something interesting going on. Social network experts have found the most unusual and exclusive events. Let’s go on an exciting journey, during which we will look not only at large cities, but also at the smallest ones. Performance … Read more

“This Day in History” What happened on September 14, holidays, facts, people

On this day in 1927, the world-famous dancer died. Isadora Duncan. Scarf of the ex-wife of the poet Sergei Yesenin fell under the wheels of a car and broke her neck. Her last words before the fateful trip, according to Isadora’s friend, Mary Desty, was “Farewell, friends! I’m on my way to glory.” .

“This Day in History” What happened on September 11, holidays, facts, people

First of all, September 11 is known as the day of the greatest tragedy in US history. In 2001, the twin towers, part of the World Trade Center, were first damaged and then destroyed by planes hijacked by terrorists. Along with them, the Pentagon, the seat of the American government, was also attacked. The total … Read more

“This Day in History” What happened on September 3, holidays, facts, people

The date of September 3 is known as the Day of Military Glory in Russia, dedicated to the end of World War II. Until 2020, the event was celebrated on September 2. It is significant in that it is a reminder of a conflict that lasted for six whole years. The beginning of the war … Read more

“This Day in History” What happened on August 30, holidays, facts, people

Every year on August 30, the world celebrates the Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances, when the missing people are remembered, whose opinion or position was objectionable to the political or economic lobby. Hundreds of thousands of people go missing year after year, but most of these disappearances are simply not investigated. .