The doctor spoke about the connection between the consumption of red meat and the development of cancer

Eating red meat may be associated with an increased risk of heart disease and some types of cancer, but avoiding it entirely is also undesirable. On Friday, December 2, in an interview with Izvestia, Oksana Mikhaleva, an endocrinologist and nutritionist at the SM-Clinic, spoke about this.

A new model for the development of fish processing will be tested in Ugra

In order to revive the fish processing enterprises, in Ugra they decided on a project that is not easy at the present time. The plan is as follows: to make one of the already existing factories the main one, specializing only in the deep processing of fish caught independently and accepted from the national communities, … Read more

The Ministry of Economic Development announced a slowdown in annual inflation in Russia

Federal News Agency Inflation in Russia slowed to 12.04% in annual terms as of November 28, the Ministry of Economic Development reported. According to the agency, a week earlier, the figure was 12.3% “In the week from November 22 to November 28, 2022, inflation was 0.19%. In annual terms, inflation continued to slow down to … Read more

At the “Ogarkov Readings” the issues of the country’s military development and the course of the NMD were discussed

The event was traditionally attended by well-known scientists, prominent figures of the Armed Forces and the military-industrial complex. The event, organized by the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, is dedicated to the memory of Marshal Nikolai Vasilievich Ogarkov, an outstanding Russian military leader and military thinker who anticipated the concept of a “revolution … Read more

Orenburg region will receive 838.5 million rubles for infrastructure development

Thus, the Orenburg region will receive 838.5 million rubles. These funds were included in the state budget for 2023–2024 as part of the Housing federal project, but will be transferred now, which will speed up the construction of engineering networks, roads, schools and children’s clinics. .

The head of Rosneft spoke about the prospects for the development of Russian gas supplies to China

According to his presentation, pipeline gas supplies to China increased by 60% in 2021-2022, and electricity supplies by 30%. In the future, gas exports may exceed 100 billion cubic meters per year, and even this amount of fuel is far from the limit for Russia. .

Surgeon Mukhametov told what symptom may indicate the development of liver cancer

A medical specialist claims that patients with liver cancer have a change in the color of the skin and whites of the eyes. According to him, they take on a yellow tint. The doctor emphasized that these symptoms are combined with general malaise and fatigue, as well as pain in the right hypochondrium. .

The Russian Defense Ministry announced the creation in the United States of a coronavirus with a high lethality

Representatives of the department noted that the new variant of the infection caused the death of 80% of the animals on which the experiments were performed. The experiment confirms that in the United States there is no system of state oversight of research in the field of genetic engineering and synthetic biology. .