Social activists of the Central African Republic developed recommendations for the draft of the new Constitution of the republic

Federal News Agency / Alexander Vasiliev Bangui, 29 November. The Central African civil platform “Republican Front” has developed recommendations for the draft of the new Constitution of the Republic. Representatives of the organization reported that they had identified the most vulnerable places in the current main document of the country. These were the provisions on … Read more

Scientists from the University of Tsukuba have developed an application to combat excess weight

For the experiment, the researchers divided 141 office workers into two groups. The first was asked to follow the recommendations of the application, and the second became the control. Participants checked the app for information about diet, sleep quality, exercise, and mood. After analyzing the data, the subjects were given recommendations. .

Ministry of Emergency Situations has developed an extreme game application

Photo: But this is not an entertaining horror movie, but a useful program with which you can learn how to behave in case of emergencies, fires and other incidents. It is called the Internet portal “Spas-extreme”. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, there you can not only “pump your knowledge”, but also consolidate … Read more

The Kenyan government has developed a strategy to combat the shortage of health workers

In just 26 years of existence, the school at the Kenyatta National Hospital has trained more than one and a half thousand nurses, including midwives, in which the entire mainland is experiencing an acute shortage. According to the World Health Organization, there are 1.5 professionals per 1,000 people in Africa who will be able to … Read more

Ukraine has developed an action plan in case of a blackout

All Ukrainian critical infrastructure operators and authorities have been informed what to do in the event of a massive power outage. This was announced on November 22 by the head of the Ukrenergo company Volodymyr Kudrytsky. “In Ukrenergo and other energy companies, preparing for the worst scenarios, they held appropriate trainings and preparatory measures so … Read more

New nuclear deep-sea drone is being developed in Russia Russian specialists are developing a new deep-sea complex. Most of the information about him is under the heading of secrecy. There is a possibility that in a number of parameters it will surpass the Poseidon underwater vehicle. As the online publication NewsFrol writes, the new development of the Almaz-Antey VKO and the Lazurit Central … Read more

Russian scientists have developed a system that predicts the breakdown of power equipment

FBA “Economy Today” VolgGTU scientists have developed a system that allows predicting the breakdown of generating equipment with great accuracy. This is written by the journal ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems. We are talking about equipment for the production of electricity and used in the organization of autonomous, emergency or backup power supply. Experts note … Read more

The German authorities have developed a plan in case of shortage of cash due to the energy crisis

FBA “Economy Today” The German government is preparing for a shortage of cash in the event of a power outage, writes Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten. Insiders confirmed that the authorities of the republic have developed a special plan of action in case of emergency. It includes the possibility for the federal bank to create additional billions … Read more