FT: Deutsche Bahn employees tried unsuccessfully to draw attention to abuses of company management

According to an investigation by the Financial Times, two employees of the German railway operator Deutsche Bahn have repeatedly tried to draw attention to the abuse by some high-ranking managers, but to no avail. Back in 2016, employees reported to Deutsche Bahn’s internal control department about suspicions of embezzlement of corporate funds. But when an … Read more

Tax rate instead of key rate // Temporary VAT cuts in Germany increased consumption

One of the benchmarks of tax policy in the world is the stability of taxes, although a temporary change in tax rates can be considered as an alternative to monetary policy (MP). A group of economists, including employees of Deutsche Bundesbank, examined a rare example of such a policy in Germany in 2020, where VAT … Read more

Deutsche Bank reports beat analysts’ forecasts

Deutsche Bank reported substantial gains in second-quarter earnings today, July 28. The bank noted that the net profit for the reporting period amounted to € 692 million, which is double the forecasts of analysts surveyed by Refinitiv – € 328 million. A year earlier, the bank suffered a net quarterly loss of € 77 million. … Read more

Vonovia and Deutsche Wohnen announced the largest merger in Europe this year

German real estate companies, Vonovia and Deutsche Wohnen (DW), have announced a merger. The deal will amount to about € 19 billion, which will be the largest merger in Europe since the beginning of this year. Vonovia offered Deutsche Wohnen shareholders at € 53.03 per share, which is 18% higher than the company’s quotes at … Read more