Welt: Russian businessmen fly over Europe to circumvent sanctions

Private jets and helicopters of Russian businessmen continue to fly over the territory of the European Union (EU) despite sanctions, Welt am Sonntag reports, citing data from flight tracking services. The newspaper writes that since the imposition of EU sanctions over Europe, about 30 aircraft allegedly belonging to Russians have flown. According to Welt am … Read more

The Ministry of Finance will offer investors to make June payments on public debt bypassing Western infrastructure

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that Russia will fulfill all contractual obligations in foreign trade, despite the sanctions imposed. He also specified that the state would offer investors to make June payments on bonds bypassing Western infrastructure. According to him, new payment schemes are still being developed. “We will, of course, structure the June payments … Read more

Finnish railway operator Nurminen Logistics launches first route from China bypassing Russia

Finnish logistics operator Nurminen Logistics has announced the launch of a container route from China bypassing Russia. In mid-March, the company closed its representative office in the Russian Federation “due to significant operational changes.” cited by the RIA Novosti agency. The text of the message indicates that the route was developed jointly with the Kazakh … Read more

Happy New Import! // The list of goods for parallel import is ready and has already entered into force

The authorities have decided on the list of goods for which the ban on parallel imports is lifted. From May 6, more than 50 categories of products can be imported without the permission of brand owners and bypassing dealers – from diapers, cosmetics and smartphones to cars, metals and nuclear reactors. Such freedom is given … Read more

European Commission: payments in rubles for Russian gas will be considered a circumvention of sanctions

The head of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen, said that payments for Russian gas in rubles would be considered a circumvention of sanctions. According to her, payment in Russian currency will also pose a high risk for European companies. Ms. von der Leyen announced this at a press conference in Sweden, where … Read more

From Milk to Mortgages // The government fills anti-crisis packages

The White House approved on March 30 another set of anti-crisis measures discussed by the authorities over the past two weeks. Among them are an increase in the limits of preferential mortgages for housing in new buildings with a new rate of 12% per annum, a delay in the labeling of dairy products for farmers, … Read more

Russia and Iran are discussing the recognition of Mir and the transmission of financial messages bypassing SWIFT

Russia and Iran are developing a unified system for the transmission of financial messages, bypassing the international system for the transmission of interbank payments SWIFT. The Central Bank stated that the financial message transmission system of the Bank of Russia (SPFS) will ensure the sending of financial messages even when disconnected from the international system. … Read more

Subsidies for flights to the Far East will grow by a third // Their volume may amount to 19.5 billion rubles

Subsidies for air transportation for the Far East in 2022 will increase by 6 billion rubles, to 19.5 billion rubles, said the presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev. In his opinion, this will make it possible to additionally transport about 250 thousand people on subsidized routes. At the same time, the … Read more

Gathering Point of Vape Clients // The number of e-cigarette stores has grown dramatically

Stores with electronic smoking devices, primarily disposable, are becoming a popular retail format. Since 2019, the number of such points in the Russian Federation has doubled, to 4.2-5.2 thousand objects. Experts and market participants believe that most of the products in such stores are sold bypassing excise taxes, and officials are already planning to tighten … Read more