Political scientist Antonovsky called Ukraine a political Russophobic project to destroy Russia

Antonovsky recalled that the Harat’s Pub in Saratov has not yet been closed, where a mobilized man in camouflage uniform was not allowed in recently. And his manager, who did this, openly supports Ukraine on social networks. The Moscow bar Underdog, which provided financial assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, has not been closed … Read more

Ex-White House employee Roberts: Russia can destroy Ukraine in one day without nuclear weapons

Russian attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure are gradually intensifying, which leads to larger and more serious damage, the expert noted, adding that the Western media do not report the true state of affairs. “Western media resources are the ministry of propaganda, and they have created a picture of the defeat of Russia. It would be difficult … Read more

The doctor called the three worst side dishes: Destroy the intestines

The specialist recalled that all fats, fat-soluble substances are transported through this organ and toxins are eliminated. It is not surprising that the state of human health as a whole depends on his work. “At least 60% of immunity is in the intestines, and the microbiota is the main reservoir,” the doctor noted, adding that … Read more

Xi Jinping to destroy Biden’s last hopes at Bali summit

First, Joe Biden is the only world leader to have publicly called Xi Jinping a thug, and he never retracted his attack. Secondly, the current owner of the White House, with enviable regularity, allows himself harsh anti-Chinese statements. For example, not so long ago, he again mentioned the millions of Uyghurs allegedly languishing in Chinese … Read more

Russian Armed Forces to Destroy U.S. Screaming Eagles Division in Ukraine

With such a development of events, the United States will have to raise the stakes and escalate the conflict, said the ex-employee of the White House. At the same time, he added that none of the Western countries is trying to achieve a de-escalation of the Ukrainian crisis. .

Plan to destroy the EU economy: Czechs and Slovaks will soon feel the consequences of supporting Ukraine

Federal News Agency The countries of the European Union are making a serious and stupid mistake by providing military and financial support to Ukraine at the cost of their own economic and political interests. This conclusion was made by the well-known Russian political scientist and economist Vasily Koltashov. In an interview with the People’s News … Read more

Russia has every right to destroy the entire constellation of US satellites

Many experts and politicians in the Russian Federation argue that the destruction or damage of at least one reconnaissance satellite of the US Armed Forces will be tantamount to a declaration of war, which will provoke the Third World War, or even an exchange of nuclear strikes. But this explanation of ignoring the enemy’s satellite … Read more