Financier Pereslavsky spoke about the risks of “profitable” deposits in banks An employee of the Department of Economic and Financial Research CMS Institute Nikolay Pereslavsky warned about the risk of running into pitfalls in the so-called “profitable” contributions. The specialist spoke about how banks use the low financial literacy of clients in an interview with Prime. According to the expert, bankers often insist on proposals … Read more

“Sberbank” faced a decrease in foreign currency deposits of large businesses by 17 times

Foreign currency savings of large businesses on the balance sheet of Sberbank decreased by 17 times in the first six months of 2022. During this period, the volume of funds of the largest clients, which are legal entities, on deposits in foreign currency decreased by 94%, Anatoly Popov, deputy chairman of the bank’s board, told … Read more

Economist Dobromyslov advises Russians to focus on deposits

Reacting to the proposal of the Ministry of Finance to allow Russians to invest the funded part of pensions in the non-state Pension Fund, Dobromyslov noted that the population in this case risks incurring losses. As Dobromyslov explained, the pension of the participants in this system will be approximately 30%, and the profitability of investments … Read more

The Central Bank obliged banks from October 1 to publish in the form of tables the key terms of deposits

© / Sergey GuneevThe building of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in Moscow MOSCOW, 9 Sep – From October 1, banks will have to publish key terms of deposits in the form of tables, and a potential depositor should have access to them both in the office and online, informs press service of … Read more

The Russians were told about the available offers of banks for deposits in yuan A third of the largest Russian banks in terms of assets offer to open deposits in yuan, Prime agency notes. Bank St. Petersburg, Tinkoff, Alfa-Bank, RRDB, GPB, Zenit, MKB, VTB, Dom. RF, RSHB, as well as three banks of the Far East – Summit Bank, Almazergienbank, Asia-Pacific Bank 1 provide an opportunity to make … Read more

Services have pulled up consumption // But the growth of business activity in this area may be short-lived

With improved business activity in the services sector, the composite PMI rose to its highest since mid-2021 in July. The main reason for this is the increase in domestic demand. However, the demand for services, which increased from the second half of June, began to shrink again by the end of July. Growth in consumer … Read more

In Russia, it is necessary to fall for a long time // The Central Bank explained the softness of the recession by the mutual expectation of sellers and buyers

The Bank of Russia has put forward a new explanation for the short-term situation in the Russian economy: according to its economists, we can talk about an “adaptive expectation trap”, in which the protracted GDP decline is explained by the inertia of both consumers and producers. Companies are expecting demand adjustments, consumers are expecting supply … Read more

Banks sold more than a third of shares and bonds under the guise of deposits

More than a third (40%) of sales of stocks and bonds in banks are made under the guise of deposits, according to a study by the Association for the Development of Financial Literacy (ARFG). This spring, volunteers and activists of the association investigated cases of misselling (fraudulent sales) in the sale of financial products by … Read more