The ROC has no information about the departure of synchronized swimmer Davydova from Russia

Earlier, the head coach of the Russian national team in synchronized swimming Tatyana Pokrovskaya said that Davydova had gone abroad. Information has also spread in the media that the synchronized swimmer does not intend to return to Russia. .

Erdogan hinted at Medvedchuk’s departure from Turkey to Russia

Ukrainian opposition politician Viktor Medvedchuk may have left Turkey for Russia. On September 23, the head of the republic, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, hinted at this. “We considered more than 200 names in the exchange of prisoners. All 200 people are our guests. There is one name that [президент России Владимир] Putin especially stopped. We sent … Read more

Permanent Representative Chizhov confirms departure from Brussels after 17 years on a business trip

Russia’s permanent representative to the European Union, Vladimir Chizhov, confirmed that he would soon leave Brussels. According to him, this is due to the completion of a business trip that lasted 17 years. .

the ban on the departure of specialists from the Russian Federation will not affect the outflow of personnel

Rotenberg proposed to turn to the situation that has developed at the moment with domestic sports. He recalled that Russian hockey players go abroad not so much for money, but for prestige. The same environment, according to the businessman, needs to be created in Russia. Only a system built on mutually beneficial principles is able … Read more

Peskov did not answer questions about Sullivan’s departure to the United States

It is known that Sullivan was appointed to the post of US Ambassador to Russia in December 2019. He held this post for almost three years. According to Peskov, all questions regarding Sullivan’s departure to the United States must be asked to the Foreign Ministry, TASS reports. .

the departure of Russian tourists cost Finland hundreds of millions of euros

According to the politician, on the streets of Finnish cities now and then you can see posters with the inscriptions “Glory to Ukraine.” Due to the policy aimed at supporting the Kyiv regime, Russian tourists stopped coming to the country. As a result, Helsinki lost hundreds of millions of euros. .