The expert called the results of the congressional elections for Democrats better than expected forecasts

The results of the US Democratic Party in the midterm elections turned out to be better than expected, Michelle Watley, former director of work for African Americans in the campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders, shared her opinion on November 17. “The Democrats held their own in the midterms, but they did it in spite of … Read more

Pelosi refused to be the leader of the Democrats in the US House of Representatives

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi has announced that she will not be re-elected to the role of leader of the Democratic caucus. She stated this on November 17 during a meeting in Congress. “With great confidence, I will not seek re-election as the leader of the Democrats in the next convocation. … Read more

Former US military officer accuses Democrats of laundering money through Ukraine

The US Democratic Party was engaged in money laundering, allegedly aimed at supporting Ukraine, through the FTX cryptocurrency exchange. Such a statement in a conversation with Izvestia was made by former American officer Scott Bennett on Monday, November 14th. “The Democrats demanded money, sent it to Ukraine, and then redirected it to themselves. That is … Read more

Biden was pleased with the results of the Democrats in the congressional elections

The situation in the midterm elections in the United States is developing well, American leader Joe Biden said at a press conference in Cambodia on November 13. According to him, he is pleased with the results of the vote and the preservation of control of the Democrats in the Senate. “We got the majority of … Read more

Trump’s blunder has deprived the United States of last chance for salvation

Economist and publicist Mikhail Khazin shared this opinion with the audience of the Solovyov LIVE channel, noting that the Republicans showed such modest results due to the blunder of Donald Trump, who again showed himself to be a bad administrator. At first glance, the midterm congressional elections went well for the Republican Party, but for … Read more

Two deceased Democrats re-elected to US Congress

Two congressmen who died in October were re-elected to the US House of Representatives. This was announced on November 9 by the Fox News channel. Thus, Pennsylvania State Representative Anthony DeLuca was re-elected with 85% of the vote. The politician died on October 9 at the age of 85. “While we are incredibly saddened by … Read more

Evstafiev predicted a catastrophe for the United States in the event of a dubious “draw” in the elections

According to the overwhelming majority of sociological polls, the Republicans should win the midterm elections, having taken both the Senate and the House of Representatives from their rivals. Everything is decided, however, not by ordinary American voters, but by a certain deep state, which brought Joe Biden to the White House two years ago. Elections … Read more

Biden congratulated the Democrats who made it to Congress

US President Joe Biden phoned the winning congressional members of the Democratic Party. He announced this on November 9th. “Just got off the phone with some of today’s winners, including some I saw during this year’s campaign. If you are standing in line to vote, remember to stay in line!” he wrote on Twitter. As … Read more

Republicans narrowly outperform Democrats in House elections

The Republican Party wins 218 seats in the US House of Representatives. This was announced on November 9 by NBC. The remaining 217 seats go to the Democratic Party. To control the House of Representatives of one of the parties, it is necessary to gain 218 seats out of 435. Election results are provisional. In … Read more