Investigative Committee demands arrest of the killer of the wife of a pensioner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on a walk with a dog in New Moscow

Investigators filed a lawsuit to arrest a man who killed his wife while walking a dog in New Moscow, reports the Telegram channel of the Russian Investigative Committee in the capital.

Naftogaz’s demands on the proceeding on the transit of fuel to the EU were rejected by Gazprom

Federal News Agency The claims of the Ukrainian company Naftogaz in a lawsuit on incomplete payment for the transit of Russian gas to Europe through Ukraine were rejected by Gazprom. The holding informed the Secretariat of the International Court of Arbitration (IAC) of the International Chamber of Commerce and the current head of Naftogaz about … Read more

Dmitry Nagiyev demands the biggest fees among Russian actors

Global Look Press | Anatoly Lomokhov To date, Dmitry Nagiyev remains the highest paid actor in Russia. In an interview for Komsomolskaya Pravda, producer Alina Krasnaya revealed the artist’s crazy fees. According to her, the star of the series “Fizruk” earns more than a million rubles in one shooting day. Nevertheless, Nagiyev has no end … Read more

The Russian Embassy called egregious demands on the border of Latvia BY 3.0 Russians face egregious problems and provocations while crossing the Latvian border after the start of the Schengen entry ban. This was announced in an interview with RBC at the Russian Embassy in the country. As an example, the department recalled the requirement to sign in a certain statement condemning the Government of … Read more

Residents of Kyiv-controlled Soledar do not trust the demands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to evacuate

Residents of Soledar, located in the Ukrainian-controlled territory of the DPR, refuse to comply with Kyiv’s order to evacuate. This was reported by New York Times correspondent Jeffrey Gettleman. .

The Embassy of the Russian Federation stated “blatant demands” to the Russians at the entrance to Latvia

When crossing the Latvian border, Russians face various provocations. In particular, they are forced to sign statements condemning the Russian authorities. This was announced on Monday, September 19, at the Russian Embassy in Latvia in an interview with RBC. “In particular, to them [россиянам] make egregious demands to sign a certain statement condemning the Russian … Read more

German Interior Ministry demands to remove the Russian national team from Euro 2024

President of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Aleksander Čeferin was called to remove the national teams of Russia and Belarus from the European Championship 2024. The corresponding letter addressed to him was sent by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Germany, Nancy Feser, reports Der Spiegel. .

Medvedev reminded Kyiv of Moscow’s demands

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, in response to the latest statements by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, repeated Moscow’s demands to him. This is a total capitulation of the Kyiv regime on Russia’s terms, he wrote in his Telegram channel. Zelensky, Medvedev recalled, said earlier that he would not … Read more