The expansion of BAM hung on the branch // The government is awaiting the decision of Elgaugol on the construction of the Elga-Chumikan line

Russian Railways is ready to increase the carrying capacity of BAM by 17 million tons for the export of coal from Yakutia for the future volumes of the Elga deposit, which can be used for an investment tariff or under a ship-or-pay agreement. If “Elgaugol” needs more carrying capacity, then, according to the government, it … Read more

Open the elite on the sly // Sales of expensive housing are breaking records

High investor demand and a sharp rise in prices have led to the fact that the volume of transactions in the Moscow high-budget housing market by the end of the year may grow by almost one and a half times, exceeding 200 billion rubles. According to experts, the trend will continue in 2022. Against the … Read more

White House Expands Space // Information about land, real estate and resources will be brought together

The White House approved a new state program “National Spatial Data System” – by combining all information about land, infrastructure and natural resources, it should stimulate the introduction of new infrastructure facilities and simplify housing construction. For the construction of housing, however, they will also look for additional ways to maintain the high accumulated rates; … Read more

Beauty conquers the virus // The turnover of the beauty industry is growing

After last year’s fall in demand for aesthetic medicine services, this year market players are seeing an increase of 30%. However, there is almost no influx of new patients: the revenue of specialized clinics was provided by those who could not use their services a year ago due to a lockdown. At the same time, … Read more

Industrial Growth Limits the Deficit of Human Resources and Investments // Market Research

The Gaidar Institute’s November Industry Survey Newsletter published the results of a quarterly study of sector growth constraints in 2021. According to enterprises, the main constraint on output growth in 2021 was and remains insufficient domestic demand, but its constraining influence has decreased from 54% to 46% of mentions. In 2020, the growth of the … Read more