there are no mass requests for loan restructuring in key industries

According to the banker, in 2022, among the largest clients, Sber carried out the most restructurings for clients from the commercial real estate industry, in particular, for owners of shopping centers and hotels. The second most affected industry was air carriers, which faced a ban on international transportation and international leasing of ships. .

Patrushev believes that the US will soon default

The US may default on its external debt in the near future. Such a statement was made on August 22 by Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev during consultations between representatives of the Russian Federation and the ASEAN member states. He noted that the uncontrolled growth of borrowing led to … Read more

Currency curtain // The wall between the Russian and Western financial markets continues to be completed

Without waiting for feedback on the Central Bank’s advisory report on a new strategy in the financial market, the Russian Federation continued to “push” the market towards devaluation and increased restrictions on cross-border capital transactions. A decree was issued allowing banks to fail to fulfill deposit agreements of legal entities in foreign currency in the … Read more

Naftogaz of Ukraine declared default on Eurobonds

Naftogaz Ukrainy (Naftogaz) defaulted on Eurobonds after the deadline for payments to their holders expired. The company announced this on July 26 in its Telegram channel. “The government went into default on Eurobonds of Naftogaz Ukrainy. Since the default on Eurobonds practically deprived Naftogaz of access to the international capital market, the government, by banning … Read more

Naftogaz of Ukraine declared default on Eurobonds

Naftogaz Ukrainy has declared a default on its Eurobonds, as the deadline for payments by NJSC Naftogaz to Eurobond holders has expired. This was reported on July 26 in the company’s Telegram channel. The payment period for Eurobond holders expired on July 26, 2022, and the government of Ukraine went into default on these securities. … Read more

Fitch downgrades Belarus’ long-term rating to ‘limited default’

The international rating agency Fitch has downgraded the long-term foreign currency rating of Belarus from “C” (“default is inevitable”) to RD (“limited default” or default on certain obligations). The reduction applies only to the country’s long-term external debt obligations. The long-term rating of the republic in local currency remains at the level of “ССС”.”After the … Read more

Expert Shurakov: default may occur in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Lebanon and Ukraine

  © / Alexander Demyanchuk – US dollar banknote and Ukrainian hryvnia coin. Archive photo MOSCOW, July 14 – Default in any country does not happen just like that – if you do not take into account the “technical circumstances” associated with the refusal to make payments for political reasons, large-scale problems in the economy … Read more

Fitch downgrades Belarus’s rating and says default is imminent

Fitch Ratings, an international rating agency based in London, has downgraded the long-term issuer default rating for the Republic of Belarus from ‘CCC’ to ‘C’, which means default is imminent. This is stated in message on the agency’s official website, Ukrinform reports. The downgrade occurred against the backdrop of a joint decision of the Council … Read more

Now Ukraine is not threatened with default – Milovanov

In the immediate future, default does not threaten Ukraine, but the issue may arise if the financing of our state by the international community ceases. Tymofiy Mylovanov, an adviser to the Office of the President, a member of the Advisory Board of the National Council for Restoration, President of the Kyiv School of Economics, ex-Minister … Read more