Zhurova supported the decision of the UAF to apply to host the 2030 World Cup in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Football Association (UAF) has already turned to colleagues from Spain and Portugal with a proposal to submit a joint application to host the main tournament of the four-year period. Zhurova urged to observe the concept of “sport outside of politics” and supported the idea of ​​Ukraine. .

Russia to benefit from EU decision on oil price ceiling

The G7 countries have previously agreed to impose a cap on the cost of domestic black gold. But Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak called this idea complete absurdity. According to him, Moscow simply will not supply its resources to those countries that will support this initiative. .

Military expert explained the decision to withdraw troops from Krasny Liman

Last weekend, one of the fiercest battles took place in the area of ​​the village of Krasny Liman. Advancing on the positions of the allied forces, the Ukrainian formations lost hundreds of people killed and dozens of armored vehicles. Due to the threat of encirclement, allied units were withdrawn from Krasny Liman to more advantageous … Read more

Evstafiev explained why Putin’s decision on Ukraine took the United States by surprise

The fact is that Washington firmly believed that Vladimir Putin was bluffing in this story and would never annex the former Ukrainian regions to Russia, even if he had to “turn” literally at the last moment. Apparently, someone convinced the Western elite that Moscow would not dare to raise the stakes so high, and the … Read more

Tarasova’s coach did not understand Trusova’s decision to leave Tutberidze

Earlier, a source said that Trusova moved to Svetlana Sokolovskaya. The reasons for the transition of the 18-year-old athlete are still unknown. In September, the figure skater performed at the test skates of the Russian national team, representing the Tutberidze group. It is known that Sokolovskaya trains figure skater Mark Kondratyuk, who is in a … Read more

Rosaviatsia called political the decision not to elect Russia to the ICAO Council

Russia retains the right of full membership in the organization and continues to work through representation in the ICAO. In addition, the decision of the countries included in the Council will not affect the performance of international flights by Russian airlines to friendly countries, the Federal Air Transport Agency added. .

Kovalenko defeated Tarasov by unanimous decision

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Russian Foreign Ministry: Russia will proceed from its own interests when responding to Finland’s decision on visas

“We will proceed from our own interests,” Grushko said, quoted by the TASS news agency. The diplomat noted that such bans are unfriendly steps on the part of the European Union. In his opinion, these actions are aimed at destroying cooperation in the humanitarian sphere. Earlier, Finland announced that it would not let Russian citizens … Read more

Bloomberg announced Apple’s decision not to ramp up iPhone 14 production due to low demand

According to Bloomberg, in the Chinese smartphone market, which is the largest in the world, the volume of purchases of the iPhone 14 in the first three days after its release was 11% less than the iPhone 13 in 2021. The global smartphone market is expected to decline by 6.5% this year to 1.27 billion … Read more