Alikhanov outlined the deadline for resolving the issue of subsidizing sea transportation to Kaliningrad

The document has been agreed with the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Finance, the governor specified. The developers of the project proceeded from the fact that the cost of transportation should be similar to the railway tariff, Alikhanov explained. .

Khusnullin called the deadline for the restoration of the Antonovsky bridge in Kherson

Antonovsky bridge across the Dnieper in Kherson will be restored early next week. On Wednesday, August 3, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Marat Khusnullin, who is in the Kherson region on a working visit, told reporters. The Deputy Prime Minister noted that the bridge was constructed back in the Soviet period and the … Read more

Kuleba spoke about Zelensky’s “deadline” for Ukraine’s accession to the EU

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The State Duma will postpone the deadline for the government to submit the budget

The State Duma today, July 15, adopted in the first reading amendments to the Budget Code of Russia, which will allow the government to submit a draft federal budget for 2023 no later than October 1. Previously, this deadline was set until September 15. The explanatory note to the bill clarifies that the postponement by … Read more

Withdrawal from the market of Megabank: extended the deadline for accepting applications from investors

The Deposit Guarantee Fund extended until July 19 the deadline for submitting bids from investors interested in withdrawing the insolvent Megabank from the market. According to Ukrinform, this is reported by Guarantee Fund. “The Deposit Guarantee Fund made changes to the conditions of an open tender in order to withdraw the insolvent Megabank JSC from … Read more

The deadline for submitting information to the Federal Tax Service for automatic exchange has been extended until July 31, 2022

The Russian government has extended the deadline for financial market organizations to submit to the Federal Tax Service (FTS) the data required for international automatic exchange. The deadline has been extended by two months, from May 31 to July 31, 2022. The decision was made, among other things, to support citizens and businesses under sanctions. … Read more

FMBA announced the deadline for testing “Konvasel” on people over 60 years old

The new drug “Konvasel” was developed by specialists of the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia. It was registered with the Ministry of Health on March 18. The vaccine is an emulsion for intramuscular administration. .

Tax return deadline is approaching: the latest tips!

If you still have to file your tax return before 2021, you can get the shoeboxes full of receipts from the attic this weekend. The annual job must be completed on Sunday 1 May. The Tax and Customs Administration has already received 8.8 million declarations of the 9.4 million they expect this year. According to … Read more