Volunteers and police are looking for a schoolboy who disappeared 11 days ago in Novosibirsk

pxhere.com In Novosibirsk, they are searching for a 14-year-old teenager, whose disappearance became known 11 days ago. This was reported in the LizaAlert detachment. According to the organization, on November 21, the student went to classes, but did not return home. The young man ran away from his parents before, but now he is gone … Read more

Rospotrebnadzor advised Russians to get vaccinated against “swine flu” in the coming days

Adults and children of preschool age are especially often sick lately. Cases of infection with “swine flu H1N1”, which was identified in 2009, have been recorded. The specialist said that there is still an opportunity to be vaccinated, but the Russians should hurry with this. .

New Year holidays 2023 – weekends and working days

Winter is coming and a holiday is approaching, beloved by almost all Russians – the New Year. It will be followed by Christmas, one of the most important events in Orthodox culture. Employers across the country will release employees for long holidays. From what date to what date the rest will last in 2023 – … Read more

Analyst Demidov allowed the reopening of Nord Stream within a few days

The process of equipment conservation at the Portovaya and Slavyanskaya compressor stations is of a standard nature. If necessary, reverse actions will take from several days to a week, said Vladimir Demidov, an international expert on the resource and energy market. .

Muscovites are promised frost and sunshine in the coming days

According to Vilfand, the residents of the region will expect “Pushkin” weather with frost and sun in the coming days, which, in terms of temperature, corresponds to the real winter period. At the same time, the warmest day of the coming week may be Monday (3-4 degrees of frost during the day), and a gradual … Read more

The court did not have enough two days to announce the verdict to the brothers Magomedov

The Meshchansky Court of Moscow will continue to pronounce the verdict on the founder of the Summa group, Ziyavudin Magomedov, and his brother, a former member of the Federation Council, Magomed Magomedov, in the case of creating a criminal community and embezzling billions of dollars of budget funds on November 28. On Friday, November 25, … Read more

History teacher who disappeared in May was found dead in the last days of autumn on the banks of the Irtysh

It is known that the girl moved to the city from Tyumen about two years ago. This was preceded by a conflict with the leadership of the gymnasium in which she taught classes. At the new place, the Tyumen was engaged in tutoring. .