Peskov and his daughter attended the premiere of the film “Shadow. Take Gordey” in Moscow

Moscow cinema “October” on December 6 held a premiere screening of the spy thriller “Shadow. Take Gordey ”, which not only stars, but politicians and officials came to see. Among them was the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. .

Singer Daineko is trying to sue her ex-husband for alimony for her daughter

In the end, the case went to court. The performer of the hit “I’ll just leave you right away” filed a lawsuit for alimony. According to her, the decisive step influenced Kleiman. He returned to the life of the child again, and the singer hopes that the father will continue to take part in the … Read more

Daughter Zavorotnyuk assured that her mother with cancer remains beautiful

However, the daughter of a movie and TV star assured that her mother had not lost her beauty. According to the model, she does not even stand next to the actress, therefore she is not able to outshine her. .

Man saves 2-year-old daughter from coyote attack in Los Angeles

According to the publication, the man briefly left the child unattended while loading things into a car near the house. At that moment, a wild beast knocked the girl down and tried to drag her aside. The father rushed to help the baby, after which the animal retreated. The predator stayed nearby until the man … Read more

Pregnant Olga Orlova has not decided on a name for her future daughter

Orlova became a guest of Svetlana Bondarchuk’s YouTube show “Light around the world”. The main topic of the conversation was the pregnancy of the 45-year-old presenter. Future parents have not yet begun to think about a name for the baby. The ex-soloist of “Brilliant” admitted that she does not want difficult options. .

The daughter of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk spoke for the first time about the appearance of a mother with cancer

The family of the star of “My Fair Nanny” practically does not share news about the state of the actress. Recently, Anna Zavorotnyuk’s subscribers recalled how beautiful her mother was in the role of Vika’s nanny. The model assured that the appearance of the artist remained the same. .

Little daughter Kovalchuk discouraged the singer with philosophical thoughts

Global Look Press | Anatoly Lomokhov Singer Yulia Kovalchuk rarely talks about the heiress Amelia. But in a recent interview, she shared stories about her daughter’s philosophical thoughts. The singer noted that the five-year-old heiress likes to speculate on eternal topics. Such conversations touch the ex-soloist of the “Brilliant” group. “It’s hard to talk to … Read more

Social media users called Kirkorov’s daughter “arrogant” because of the reaction to her brother’s gift

Philip Kirkorov explained to the heiress that she was holding “beauty masks” in her hands. However, instead of joy, the birthday girl looked reproachfully at her brother. Feeling the approach of the scandal, the king of pop hurried to switch the teenager’s attention to his grandfather. .