The Eurasian Youth Union proposed to Sobyanin to name a street in Moscow in honor of Daria Dugina

prt scr | 1RNK The all-Russian youth public movement “Eurasian Youth Union” (ESM) proposed to name one of the capital’s streets in honor of the philosopher and journalist Daria Dugina, who died at the hands of Ukrainian terrorists on August 20, 2022. On November 8, activists sent a corresponding letter to Moscow Mayor Sergei … Read more

change in the rhetoric of Western media marks the inevitability of the end of the Ukrainian project

According to the lieutenant colonel, a telling example is how the West disowned the murder of Daria Dugina, saying that only Ukrainians were involved in this. According to Selivanov, after some time, materials about the criminal nature of the Maidan and about all the lawlessness of the Kyiv regime as a whole may appear in … Read more

US strikes ‘preemptive strike’ by acknowledging Ukraine’s involvement in Dugina’s murder

Such a revelation by the American media is most likely related to the internal political confrontation in the United States, which has intensified against the backdrop of the upcoming Senate elections. This conclusion was reached by human rights activist, political analyst Tatyana Montyan. In her author’s Telegram channel, she explained in detail why this material … Read more

The authorities of Yasnogorsk will name one of the streets of the city in honor of Daria Dugina

The administration of Yasnogorsk, located in the Tula region, decided to name one of the streets in honor of the deceased Daria Dugina. This was told by the head of the administration of the Yasnogorsk region Vladimir Mukhin. .

Daria Dugina street appeared in Russia

The decision of the Yasnogorsk authorities to give the name of Darya to one of the streets is not just a tribute to a talented person, an idealist, a patriot, but also a very important step in the patriotic education of Russian youth. Obviously, the street in Yasnogorsk is only the first such toponym. .

in Turkey explained why Dugina became the target of the Atlanticists

According to her, American imperialism is inferior all over the world. It has already lost in Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and is now losing in confrontation with Russia and China. The public figure notes that the United States, which exports terror all over the world, is in despair in the face of developing states … Read more

Simonyan called the murder of Dugina a deliberate blow to the father of a journalist

According to Simonyan, Dugina’s tragic death is a mourning that “is with us for a long time.” She expressed confidence that Daria’s murder was not a mistake. It was committed to make the girl’s father, Alexander Dugin, as painful as possible. Simonyan told about this on the air of the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov”. … Read more

Dugina’s alleged killer used a fake passport

Daria Dugina died on August 20 in a car explosion in the Moscow region. The suspect in the murder of the girl is a citizen of Ukraine Natalia Vovk. According to the agency, she used a fake Kazakh passport in the name of Yulia. With the help of him, Vovk rented a garage in Moscow, … Read more