Doctor Pogozheva warned about the dangers of purchased pastries and sweets Purchased pastries, sweets and a number of other products pose a particular danger to human health. Alla Pogozheva, Doctor of Medical Sciences, spoke about this. The specialist drew attention to recent studies, the results of which showed that the main enemy for the cardiovascular system is not fatty meat, but pastries from the store. … Read more

Surgeon Golovanev listed the most dangerous plastic surgeries Plastic surgery has long been available to almost everyone, but some procedures can be dangerous for the patient. This was announced by the cranio-maxillofacial surgeon Pavel Golovanev. The specialist first of all drew attention to volumetric liposuction. This aesthetic intervention is aimed at eliminating fat deposits, but if you get rid of a large … Read more

Evstafiev warned about the danger of “strange wars” with Ukraine and the West

It would seem that in the eighth month of the special operation in Ukraine and the hybrid war with the entire collective West, Estonia, like Lithuania and Latvia, should long ago live in darkness, returning to the experience of distant ancestors and surviving in the light of a torch. The Baltics, as befits the “hand-me-down” … Read more

RAS scientist Eismont announced the approach of 30 thousand asteroids to Earth Scientists have discovered about 30,000 asteroids that could potentially pose a danger to the Earth. Nathan Eismont, a leading researcher at the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said this on Radio 1. The expert claims that asteroids are detected by employees of special stations deployed after the discovery of Apophis … Read more

The activity of smugglers has put the rosewood tree in danger of extinction in Africa

prt scr Syrotyuk Antananarivo, 30 September. The high activity of smuggling cartels will lead to the complete disappearance of the African pink rosewood (mukula) on the continent by 2030. The material is used in the production of luxury furniture. At present, China is the world’s largest importer of rosewood. African rosewood is most common … Read more

Doctor Zubareva warned about the danger of hormonal disruptions due to “jamming” of stress

A medical specialist claims that uncontrolled eating can provoke hormonal disruptions in the body. In addition, “jamming” stress contributes to the development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and further aggravation of the emotional state. Drinking alcohol is a particular danger. .

Anna Sedokova’s family was in danger due to a powerful hurricane in Florida

Janis Timma flew from the Hectors to Florida recently. Anna Sedokova herself is in Moscow. Because of the disturbing news, the singer tries to constantly be in touch with her family. Until the hurricane hit them. But, according to meteorologists, the elements will soon be in Tampa. .

Immunologist Zhemchugov assessed the danger of the Khosta-2 virus Immunologist, Doctor of Medical Sciences Vladislav Zhemchugov assessed the danger of the Khosta-2 virus. So far, he’s harmless. However, the virus will become dangerous as soon as it can be transmitted from person to person. Much depends on the ability to mutate, said the interlocutor of RIA Novosti. “Therefore, what will happen to the … Read more

The hydrometeorological center announced the “orange” level of weather danger in Moscow

On September 24, the Hydrometeorological Center announced the “orange” level of weather danger in Moscow and the Moscow region. The reason for this decision is heavy rain. Information about this follows from the information of the forecast map on the website of the institution. .