the market is fully provided with packaging for dairy products

The Russian market is fully provided with packaging for dairy products, the Ministry of Industry and Trade notes. The Russian market is provided with a sufficient amount of packaging for the production of dairy products, and a shortage of such packaging is not expected, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Packaging manufacturer Tetra … Read more

Britons warned of the threat of a shortage of dairy products

Soaring prices for animal feed and electricity could lead to a shortage of dairy products in the UK. Ash Amirahmadi, Managing Director of Arla Foods, warned about this on Sunday, July 10. “Farmers are suffering from soaring fuel, animal feed and fertilizer prices, while labor shortages are also hurting the industry,” he told The Telegraph. … Read more

Juice for growth // The maximum volume of packaging for children’s drinks can be increased

Amid food packaging shortages, juice producers are asking the government to increase the size limit for beverage containers for young children from 0.2 liters to 0.5 liters. A similar relief has already been adopted for milk baby food, but due to the temporary nature of this measure, there is no particular effect yet. Market participants … Read more

Barneveld is concerned about ‘biggest farmers’ protest ever’ on the land of dairy farmer Gert-Jan

The farmer’s protest on the land of dairy farmer Gert-Jan Brouwer (51) next Wednesday should be ‘the biggest farmer’s protest ever’. Mayor Jan Luteijn van Barneveld says he is very concerned about the influx and that is not unjustified, according to the organization. “This will be bigger than on the Malieveld in October 2019. This … Read more

Food has temporarily settled in price // Monitoring of food prices

World food prices continue to decline slightly for the second month in a row, both in nominal and real terms, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). However, while the FAO Food Price Index declined by 0.6% in May versus April (in both dimensions), it remains significantly higher than in May 2021 (by … Read more

How a mother of five children created a dairy kingdom in the Smolensk region at the beginning of the 20th century KXan 36 Daily News

In the Smolensk village of Prechistoye – not far from the homeland of Yuri Gagarin – an old manor is living its last years. A few more years – and even brick dust will not remain from the ruins. In the meantime, they are not dragged into the greenery of thickets and weeds, the amazing … Read more