Activists from Just Stop Oil admitted that they are ready to cut pictures for the sake of the environment | Titian / Public domain British activists said that they do not rule out damage to well-known paintings in the future in order to draw attention to environmental problems. Public activists call to withdraw the decision on oil and gas production in 46 fields in 2025. The journalists asked the representative of the movement, … Read more

The Call of the People movement demanded that LGBT scenes be cut from Fantastic Beasts

In their appeal, the participants of the movement focused on the fact that the Harry Potter prequel speaks of a romantic relationship between Professor Albus Dumbledore and the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald. Activists demanded that all references to unconventional relationships be cut from the Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore Mysteries tape, the SHOT Telegram channel reports. .

The court arrested a resident of Magnitogorsk, who cut up his baby son

Investigators believe that the crimes were committed on November 17. The drunk accused had a conflict with his wife. He grabbed a knife and stabbed her several times, resulting in her death. The man then cut his infant son. The attacker tried to commit suicide, but survived. .

More than half of Germans cut spending due to inflation

Approximately two-thirds of Germans are forced to save on everyday goods due to high inflation. This is evidenced by the results of a survey by the Federal Consumer Association (VZBV), published on Thursday, November 24, on the ZEIT ONLINE portal. So, 61% of the study participants reported that they began to buy cheaper food, and … Read more

Jealous Orenburger almost cut off the ear of his beloved while visiting a friend

The incident took place the night before in the village of Krasnaya Slobodka. During a feast visiting a friend, the couple had a serious quarrel because of jealousy, and the man grabbed a knife, starting to threaten his cohabitant. Then the Orenburger even tried to cut off his beloved ear. .