businessman Jack Ma who criticized the Chinese financial system fled to Japan

After arriving in Japan, the founder of Alibaba curtailed the social activities he was active in China. From his team, the businessman moved only a personal chef and security. A number of interlocutors said that the entrepreneur became interested in collecting works of art. .

The EU criticized Warsaw for trying to lower the price ceiling for Russian oil

While the European Commission believes that the price ceiling should be set at $65 per barrel, Poland and the Baltic states believe that the price should be significantly lower. In their view, a higher price ceiling would be ineffective because it is too close to the price Russia is already getting on the market. .

Cultural figures criticized TV channels for maintaining the old format of New Year’s concerts

The media have published a list of the main songs that will appear on Russian TV in the New Year. There will be a song “Let’s drink for love” Igor Nikolaev, Alexander Buynov will perform “Yellow Leaves”, the group “Band’Eros” will sing “And I like him.” Also Lev Leshchenko and Alexandra Pakhmutova with the composition … Read more

Netizens criticized the daughter of Alexander Malinin for a luxurious life in France

Some of them accused Malinin, who sent his daughter abroad, of unpatriotic behavior. There were also those who spoke about the girl’s excessively luxurious life or expressed dissatisfaction with her bright makeup. .

Muceniece criticized the appearance of “shabby life” Kozlovsky

Together with actress Natalya Zemtsova, she compared two posters of the film “Duhless”, where Kozlovsky played the main role. The difference between the filming of the pictures was only three years, but during this time, according to Muceniece, the artist managed to “drag life.” .

Zakharova criticized the position of the EU towards Serbia

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, spoke on November 26 about the demand of the European Union (EU) for Serbia to impose anti-Russian sanctions in order to be able to “continue the European path.” “What is left of Europe in the EU? Only geographical reference to the continent. Europe as a … Read more

residents of the Central African Republic criticized the opposition for trying to destabilize the situation in the country

“All the opposition can do is demonstrations to thwart reforms. We don’t want any more coups. The head of the Central African Republic is doing what his predecessors could not, and therefore we must allow him to lead us to success.”