Producer Ashurov said the new Avatar Show was ill-conceived

According to the specialist, the creators did not work out the concept of the show. Spoils the impression and poor-quality performance of songs, as well as poor graphics. Ashurov expressed confidence that the project would not be able to replace the Mask, which everyone loved, reports the BLITZ + portal. .

Subscribers dubbed Borodina “the second Blinovskaya” after the release of the online course / Ksenia Borodina Ksenia Borodina previously presented a new online course to subscribers. However, the attempts of the TV presenter to retrain as a psychologist did not impress the fans. According to Borodina herself, the course will help women solve their problems. The TV presenter calls her creation “plantain”, which must be applied to … Read more

The careers of 70 Russian artists were under threat due to criticism of the special operation

The proposal to expand the list of “undesirable stars” to 70 people was submitted for general discussion. At the moment, there are 37 artists in the corresponding list. Among them is the Ukrainian vocalist Svetlana Loboda, the performer of the hit “Salut, Vera” Valery Meladze, who left Russia after the start of the special operation, … Read more

German deputies criticized Burbock for making a promise to Ukraine

At one of her last speeches, Burbock not only recalled the promise to Ukraine, but also assured that she was not interested in the opinion of German voters. According to Bundestag deputy Sarah Wagenknecht, the minister’s words are “dangerous” for Germany. .

Readers of the Daily Mail questioned the education of Truss after criticism of Solovyov

Vladimir Solovyov previously criticized British Foreign Minister and candidate for Prime Minister Liz Truss. The statements of the Russian TV presenter were included in the Daily Mail article and resonated with the readers of the publication. .

Sergei Nikonenko spoke wittily about Chulpan Khamatova, who left Russia

Nikonenko also shared the story of the meeting between Soviet cameraman Sergei Urusenko and Pablo Picasso. According to him, the artist was delighted with the film “The Cranes Are Flying”, so he presented five of his paintings to a new acquaintance. .

Zakharova: those responsible for the death of Dugina will answer on earthly and divine court

prt scr The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Maria Zakharova, commented on the mockery of the Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin and his daughter Daria, who died in a car explosion in the Moscow region. She stressed that the tragedy of Dugin became the pain of millions of … Read more