NATO vows to respond decisively to any attacks against critical infrastructure

Three lines of the gas pipeline were destroyed at once near the Danish island of Bornholm on September 26. Swedish seismological systems recorded explosions at the site. NATO then said that the gas leak was the result of sabotage. After that, Brussels said that any attack on the “critical infrastructure of the countries of the … Read more

The fall of the pound brought the cost of gasoline in the UK to a critical level

At the same time, the AA automobile association noted that the price of a liter of gasoline at gas stations would be “at least” 9 pence less, if the pound had maintained the indicators that were observed in mid-February. But now the cost of refilling a full 55-litre tank of the average car is about … Read more

Those who tried to keep the Andreevsky bridgehead of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were in a critical situation

According to a military correspondent, the grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is trying to develop an offensive in the Andreevsky direction, was trapped. The militants got into a fire bag, which was prepared by the Russian Armed Forces. The artillery of the allied forces is gradually destroying the positions of the Ukrainian … Read more

The Government of the Russian Federation recognized the critical dependence of metallurgy on sub-sanctioned technologies

Almost all the equipment of the Russian metallurgical industry is critically dependent on the technologies that have fallen under the sanctions, there is no full-fledged replacement for them. According to Ukrinform, this is stated in the project for the development of the metallurgical industry of the Russian Federation until 2030, which the newspaper got acquainted … Read more

Against the backdrop of critical losses, Ukraine staged a bloody provocation

The Kyiv regime committed another bloody provocation. This was reported in the Russian Defense Ministry. The incident took place on the night of July 28-29. A missile attack from the American HIMARS multiple launch rocket system was carried out at the pre-trial detention center near the settlement of Yelenovka. There were captured Ukrainian servicemen in … Read more

The Cabinet of Ministers canceled the list of goods of critical import

The Cabinet of Ministers has canceled the list of critical imports. According to Ukrinform, this is stated in the resolution government number 761 dated 7 July. Thus, the document cancels paragraph 1 of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 16, 2022 No. 289 “Some Issues of Critical Import Goods”, which … Read more

With the world in debt // Crowdlending is overgrown with delay

Along with the growth in lending volumes in the crowdlending segment, the volume of overdue debts is also growing. This is due to the maturation of portfolios and the crisis situation in the markets. While the level of delay does not look critical and does not require additional regulation. However, in the future, there may … Read more

Ambassador Antonov: Relations between Russia and the United States have reached a critical point

Relations between Washington and Moscow have reached a critical point. This was stated by the Russian Ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov. In an interview with TASS, he noted that these relations have been in deep crisis for the past few years, and because of the United States, bilateral political dialogue has stalled. Earlier it was … Read more