Economist Bobrov spoke about the large-scale crisis in the banking sector in Europe and the USA

The expert stated that this was especially true for Europe. He said financiers unfortunately did not learn the lesson of the 2008 crisis, when Russia-related tensions precipitated capital market panics and a dramatic real estate decline, as well as the erosion of a number of systemic political forces in the West. .

Experts told how much the fight against the energy crisis will cost Europe

Fighting the energy crisis in 2023 will cost Europe 1-1.6 trillion euros, experts say © RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky / Go to media bankEU logo on the building of the headquarters of the European Parliament in Brussels © RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky Go to media bank The EU logo on the building of … Read more

Pensioners in Germany, impoverished due to the energy crisis, are afraid to freeze in winter

According to Resource Action Alliance member and retiree Nicole Lindner, the winter months will be “pretty spooky.” The woman said that often a pension in Germany does not exceed 500 euros, which, together with the cost of utilities, threatens to be a real disaster in the coming cold weather. .

Podolyak criticized Musk’s proposals to resolve the crisis in Ukraine

Musk proposed calling Crimea “a formal part of Russia, as it has been since 1793”, giving the region guarantees of water supply, and assigning a neutral status to Ukraine. Podolyak once again declared Kyiv’s desire to “seize the Crimea.” In his post, he proposed to vote for the “belonging” of the peninsula. .

Shipilin: energy crisis will force Europe to abandon pro-Ukrainian sentiments

Federal news agency Closer to winter, Europeans will take to the streets with protests more often. The main reason for this will be an increase in electricity prices and a general decline in living standards. So political scientist Pavel Shipilin commented on the rally held yesterday in Italy in support of the Russian Federation. According … Read more