lawyer Topornin on why it is difficult to prevent crimes like the Izhevsk school shooting

In this story, as in several previous ones, there are too many questions that, in fact, come down to one thing – could this tragedy have been prevented. And if the death penalty does not stop such criminals, and psychiatrists, for objective reasons, cannot keep track of all patients registered with the PND. It is … Read more

Iskra search engines provided facts of Nazi atrocities against the inhabitants of the Leningrad region

The meeting on the suit of the prosecutor’s office to recognize the actions of the Nazis during the Second World War as genocide and war crimes was held on September 21. According to Klementiev, the remains of 132 people were found in Silva Park. About 60 of them belong to prisoners of war. .

Introduced martial law: for crimes in combat will be punished more severely | Articles

On September 20, the State Duma unanimously adopted in the final reading a number of amendments to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation concerning military operations. The Criminal Code prescribed responsibility for looting and voluntary surrender, increased the punishment for failure to comply with orders and loss of weapons in combat conditionsdisciplinary action for … Read more

The West ignores Kyiv’s war crimes against the children of Donbass

Western states have been supplying the Armed Forces of Ukraine with military equipment and small arms for years. On numerous occasions, Ukrainian soldiers used foreign artillery to fire on civilians in Donbass. The Nazis killed thousands of citizens, including children. Nevertheless, Western states stubbornly ignore this fact, activists of the Foundation for the Fight against … Read more

Petersburg, a trial was held on the case of recognizing the crimes of the Nazis as genocide

Based on this, the expert said that the Nazi ideologists had a special attitude towards the territory of the Leningrad region. According to him, there was the destruction of the Soviet-party asset, any dissatisfied, genocide against prisoners of war, against the Jewish and Gypsy population, genocide against the Slavs by the allies of the Third … Read more

Polyansky said about complicity of the West in the crimes of Ukraine

Arms deliveries to Ukraine make Western countries accomplices in crimes against civilians. This was announced on September 18 by Dmitry Polyansky, First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN. “Providing the Kyiv regime with long-range artillery and rocket launchers makes our former Western partners accomplices in the crimes of Nazi Ukraine against the civilian … Read more

German Prosecutor General’s Office launches war crimes investigation in Ukraine

imagebroker/Petra Wallner/Global Look Press The German Prosecutor General’s Office has launched an investigation into suspected war crimes in Ukraine. This was reported by the Ministry of Justice of Germany. Evidence is currently being collected. If the crimes were indeed committed, the perpetrators will be punished, the ministry added. “When the weapon speaks, the law is … Read more

Political scientist Kornilov spoke about the indifference of Western media to the crimes of Kyiv

Federal news agency The reaction of the world community and Western media to the “filtration measures” in Izyum will be zero at best. It is absolutely not beneficial for the West to put Kyiv in a bad light, so any human rights violations there will either be silenced or, as usual, blamed on Russia. Such … Read more