Virgin Atlantic flight attendants allowed to wear gender-neutral uniforms

Thus, male airline workers can wear skirts, and flight attendants can wear male uniforms on flights “to express their individuality.” In addition, passengers will be able to indicate gender-neutral affiliation in the “gender” column when purchasing tickets, according to the carrier’s website. .

The crews of warships of the Russian Navy and the Chinese Navy conducted a series of trainings in the Pacific Ocean

According to available information, the frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov, the corvettes Hero of the Russian Federation Aldar Tsydenzhapov, Perfect and Loud, as well as the tanker Pechenga were involved in the training activities from the Russian Navy. It is noted that in 12 days the ships of the two countries passed over three thousand nautical miles. … Read more

Crews of the S-400 air defense system took up combat duty as part of the Vostok-2022 exercise

Crews of S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems have taken up combat duty in the Khabarovsk and Primorsky Territories, the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry reported. .

Ministry of Defense: crews of the Russian Aerospace Forces shot down a Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter in the DPR Sgt. Charles Vaughn/Public Domain As part of a special operation to protect the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, Russian aviation crews shot down another Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter in the Malinovka region in the DPR. This was reported in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. According to the ministry, units of the Russian … Read more

the feat of the crews of “Storm” and “Fugasse” immortalized on the island of Bolshoi Tyuters

On the evening of August 24, the expedition members landed on the island of Gogland, where a commemorative concert “Voices of the Lost Ships” took place, with the participation of Alexandra Sklyara and the Va-Bank group. The strikes of six ship bells, raised by search divers from the lost ships and vessels, sounded in memory … Read more

Mi-8 flew to the shores of Sakhalin to rescue the crews of drifting barges

The Mi-8 helicopter took off from Khabarovsk to rescue 64 people stranded on barges in the Tatar Strait between the mainland and Sakhalin. More about this was told in the press service of the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations. .

The Ministry of Defense showed the combat work of the Orlan-10 UAV crews in the Donbass

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation showed footage of the combat work of the Orlan-10 multifunctional unmanned aerial vehicles during a special operation on the territory of Ukraine. Employees of the Eastern Military District (VVO) successfully use UAVs for search and reconnaissance operations with the subsequent issuance of target designations to artillery and … Read more

The Ministry of Defense demonstrated the work of the crews of Ka-52 helicopters in Ukraine

It is reported that the pilots of the Russian Ka-52 flew along the routes at low and ultra-low altitudes. The pilots successfully launched missiles at fortified strongholds and armored vehicles of Ukrainian army units discovered by intelligence. .

Appeared footage of the escort of a military convoy by VAI soldiers and Mi-8 crews

MOD Russia/via The Russian Defense Ministry has published a video showing the process of escorting combat columns with various cargoes. They were covered by the fighters of the military traffic police (VAI) of the Central Military District and the Mi-8 “turntables”. The military traffic police lays out the shortest route for the columns along … Read more