The court confirmed the status of a foreign agent to blogger Dudya

The Moscow City Court recognized as lawful and justified the decision of the court of first instance on entering the blogger Yuri Dud into the register of foreign media agents. As an Izvestia correspondent reported from the courtroom on October 3, the earlier decision of the Ministry of Justice remains in force. According to the … Read more

A judge of the Supreme Court of Ukraine found a Russian passport

It is noted that the conclusion of the SBU is based on “data from the registers of the Russian Federation.” According to the court, on Monday there will be a meeting of judges of the Cassation Economic Court as part of the Supreme Court of Ukraine. The issue of early dismissal of Lvov from the … Read more

A woman got off with a suspended sentence for torturing children under guardianship in Kamen-on-Obi

According to the investigation, a brother and sister born in 2008 and 2010 were under the care of a woman from January 2020 to April last year. All this time, the intruder beat the children with fists, a rubber hose, an iron scoop and a belt. .

The court will pass sentence on a young man for the murder of his father who evicted him in Yekaterinburg

The pensioner demanded that the relative move out of his apartment with his family. The accused during a feast with friends decided to kill his father. Together with his acquaintances, he drove up to the house on Mayakovsky Street in Verkhnyaya Pyshma. The men got out of the car and hit the victim with a … Read more

In Kemerovo on October 5, the verdict will be announced to the ex-general director of the burned-out Zimnyaya Cherry shopping center On October 5, the Central District Court of Kemerovo will pass a sentence on the former general director and co-owner of the Zimnyaya Vishnya shopping center Vyacheslav Vishnevsky. This became known during the trial. The businessman is a defendant in a criminal case on giving a bribe on an especially large scale. According to … Read more

The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation confirmed the validity of the treaties on the admission of the regions of Donbass into Russia

As the Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation Valery Zorkin explained, the decision was made in such a short time, because, firstly, the development of events itself required it – quite tense, and secondly, the judges had already gained similar experience – in a situation related to the entry part of Russia, … Read more

The Special Criminal Court of the Central African Republic began considering the case of one of the supporters of ex-president Francois Bozize Reisinger/ Bangui, October 1st. The Special Criminal Court of the Central African Republic began considering the case of a supporter of the former president of the republic, Francois Bozize, Vianni Semdiro. The police arrested him on 23 September. He is responsible for numerous murders and kidnappings between 2009 and 2013. At the moment, the … Read more