Pamfilova launched the process of counting the first votes in the elections in the Kamchatka Territory

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Youth Hands for Boredom // Youth Unemployment Will Only Fall By 2023

According to the ILO forecast, the level of youth unemployment in the world will decrease only by the beginning of next year – and will still remain above pre-pandemic levels. In 2021, according to experts, the number of unemployed youth in the world amounted to 75.1 million people, which is almost 8 million people more … Read more

The eurozone remains in positive territory // The economy of the currency bloc is growing along with inflation

In contrast to the US economy, which shrank in size in the second quarter, the GDP of the euro area countries increased by 0.7% over this period (counting all EU states – by 0.6%). Another key indicator – inflation continued to accelerate, increasing on average across the eurozone in July to a new record – … Read more

Closeness has become more open // The joint venture has updated the transparency rating of departments

The Accounts Chamber, with the participation of experts, assessed the openness of the federal authorities of the Russian Federation – out of 70 ministries, services and agencies, 15 fell into the high category of openness, 6 – into the low category, 49 departments were in the “middle” rating. The closure of part of the official … Read more

Diagnosis of wage differences // Even in feminized sectors of the economy, men are paid more

In a number of countries around the world, according to the International Labor Organization (ILO), the largest difference in wages between men and women is observed in such sectors of the economy as health care and social services – although women occupy the majority of jobs in them (67%). On average, the gender wage gap … Read more

Interest from cards will return to banks // Acquiring commission limit will not be extended

The Bank of Russia does not plan to extend the restrictions imposed on the size of the acquiring commission after August 31. According to bankers’ estimates, after four months of these restrictions, they will miss tens of billions of rubles, which is why they have already been forced to cut loyalty programs. The companies do … Read more

The Accounts Chamber sees no way to prevent a recession in the Russian economy this year

The Accounts Chamber is analyzing anti-crisis measures proposed by the government, said head of the department Alexei Kudrin. According to him, so far the chamber does not see among them ways that could prevent the decline of the Russian economy this year. “Checks this year, which would concern these anti-crisis measures, the analysis of this … Read more