Personnel and employers have decided in doubts // Monitoring of the labor market

Russian employers are not sure how their business will develop until the end of 2022, and cannot yet determine a short-term personnel strategy. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the study of the recruitment company Ventra “Labor Market Challenges 2022: the view of employees and employers.” As follows from the results of the survey … Read more

Entrepreneurs and youth fell into consumer pessimism // Poll Monitoring

Consumer sentiment and expectations in Russia are at their highest since May 2018, the Central Bank said yesterday. Savings moods worsened somewhat (in July, more than 70% of respondents polled by order of the Central Bank could not put anything aside). At the same time, the share of the population that prefers to buy expensive … Read more

Mishustin: the authorities were able to mitigate the negative impact of sanctions on the transport industry

The impact of external restrictions on the transport industry has been mitigated. This was announced by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at a strategic session on transport on Tuesday. The head of the Cabinet spoke about the amount of state assistance to the industry, which is 511.5 billion rubles. Over 120 billion rubles. of which are … Read more

Hackers lie down // Attack activity has dropped sharply

After large-scale hacker attacks on Russian sites in May, their intensity, that is, the number of IP addresses involved, halved by the end of June. Experts attribute the trend to the absence of obvious aggravations in the foreign policy situation and increased traffic blocking at the borders. Another factor could be a sharp decline in … Read more

The crisis has mixed cognac // The redistribution of forces has begun on the market

The crisis that arose due to the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine is changing the balance of power in the Russian cognac market. The owner of the Stary Koenigsberg brand, the Kaliningrad plant Alliance-1892, which occupied the first place in the ranking of the largest cognac producers, lost ground to its competitors. The manufacturer … Read more

Half-turn to the East // New ways of logistics discussed at SPIEF

Russian companies have already partially reoriented the logistics of their supplies from the western to the eastern direction: for example, the turnover of the Far Eastern ports grew by 46% year-on-year. However, the majority of market participants who spoke at SPIEF on Thursday, June 16, preferred to speak cautiously about a full-fledged “pivot to the … Read more

For 100 days of special operation in Ukraine, Russia could earn $ 98 billion on the export of fossil fuels

Analysts from the independent Finnish Center for Energy and Clean Air Research (CREA) estimated that Russia earned €93 billion ($98 billion) from fossil fuel exports in the first 100 days of its military operation in Ukraine. Moreover, most of the exports went to the European Union. According to a report seen by AFP, in the … Read more

Salaries look down // Monitoring of incomes of the population

In connection with the latest data from Rosstat on the dynamics of wages for the first quarter and March 2022, analysts are actively discussing, in particular, the problem of nominal growth of the Wage Fund (PAY) by 9% with a growth in wages by 15%. This looks like a statistical absurdity and in reality could … Read more

Peskov: Russia has already cut off everyone it could from gas supplies

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that all Western companies that refused to pay under the new rules have already been cut off from Russian gas supplies. According to him, no new shutdowns are planned, as the remaining buyers pay for Russian gas in rubles. “No, everything is already set up. … Read more