The cost of food and hydrocarbon raw materials continues to grow in the world

Federal News Agency The world is gripped by a serious hydrocarbon and food crisis, energy prices are rising everywhere, and European companies stop their work. Food is becoming more expensive and spending on it is growing. This is reported by the publication “Expert”. Analysts of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) … Read more

The cost of cars of three Chinese brands changed in Russia in the second half of September

Three brands were included in the list of the agency. So, on September 16–30, three models of the Changan brand rose in price by 1.3–3.1%. Cars CS35PLUS and CS55i have risen in price by 30 thousand rubles, and UNI-K has increased in price by 100 thousand rubles at once. .

Poland doubts that limiting the cost of gas from the Russian Federation will help Europe normalize the energy market

According to her, such a decision would be “discrimination for Poland and many other countries that have already become independent of Russian gas.” .

Economist Milchakova told how much the dollar will cost in early October

On October 5, the next meeting of ministers of the OPEC+ countries will take place, at which a decision will be made on oil production quotas. According to her, judging by the weak dynamics of oil prices, which returned to the lows of the beginning of the year, it is likely that at the October … Read more

The Russian authorities will compensate businesses for 80% of the cost of finalizing domestic software

He also said that special grants would be allocated, but customers should stop using foreign analogues. At the same time, the purchase, configuration and implementation of software is the responsibility of entrepreneurs. .

The transition to green energy will cost Europe 565 billion euros

According to the publication, such a plan would cost the EU 565 billion dollars. From 2027 to 2029, it is planned to install solar panels on all houses – first on commercial and public, then on residential ones. By 2027, 10 million heat pumps are going to be installed in Europe. By 2030, the number … Read more

The Russians were reminded of the possibilities to reduce the cost of housing and communal services

In addition, homeowners can put before the management company the question of carrying out measures to reduce the cost of common house needs Meanwhile, the freezing of tariffs will eventually fall on the shoulders of taxpayers, the expert warned. .

The cost of a full tank of gas in Britain has increased by five pounds

Sky News: British drivers worried about rising petrol prices after pound depreciation © AP Photo / Frank AugsteinQueue at a petrol station in London © AP Photo / Frank Augstein Line at a petrol station in London. Archive photo MOSCOW, September 24 – RIA Novosti. The cost of a full tank of petrol in the … Read more

The fall of the pound brought the cost of gasoline in the UK to a critical level

At the same time, the AA automobile association noted that the price of a liter of gasoline at gas stations would be “at least” 9 pence less, if the pound had maintained the indicators that were observed in mid-February. But now the cost of refilling a full 55-litre tank of the average car is about … Read more