The girl Rodion Gazmanov threw a tantrum because of cosmetics found in the bathroom

Being an artist and performing on stage, Gazmanov Jr. is forced to use cosmetics. In particular, foundation. However, his girlfriend, having found the remains of makeup and used cotton pads in the bathroom, fell into hysterics. .

Lawyer Knyazev: the sale of cosmetics may end in a criminal case for Brezhneva

Prt Scr Music Lawyer Andrey Knyazev said that the sale of cosmetics could end for Vera Brezhneva by initiating a case. He voiced his opinion on this matter in an interview with the PopCornNews portal. The human rights activist believes that cosmetics from Vera Brezhneva’s personal brand should be checked for compliance with quality … Read more

Cosmetics expert lists ways to combat pigmentation

Pigmentation can be provoked by cosmetic procedures, improperly selected care and aggressive peels. On Thursday, August 4, Elena Bolotskaya, the author of the cosmetic lines of the MeiTan brand, told Gazeta.Ru. According to the expert, when the production of melanin is disturbed, age spots appear in the skin. External causes include the sun’s rays, some … Read more

Perfume is running out of turnover

The desire of consumers to save money, a 30% increase in the cost of popular items and a reduction in the assortment do not allow perfumery and cosmetics stores to restore sales. In the first half of June, the turnover of such outlets was 12% lower than last year, and the number of purchases was … Read more

The fire at Nefis Cosmetics in Kazan was localized on an area of ​​1.2 thousand square meters

EMERCOM of Russia/Globalookpress Rescuers at 20:35 localized the fire at the plant for the production of household chemicals “Nefis Cosmetics” in Kazan on an area of ​​approximately 1.2 thousand square meters. This was reported by the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation for the Republic of Tatarstan. In total, … Read more

Wella leaves Russia // German cosmetics company stops deliveries

After 28 years of work in Russia, the manufacturer of professional cosmetics from Germany Wella stops deliveries to the country. Beauty salons actively used its products: Wella hair coloring products accounted for up to 40% of the market. Now the beauty industry may have problems due to the transition to brands from other manufacturers. In … Read more

Happy New Import! // The list of goods for parallel import is ready and has already entered into force

The authorities have decided on the list of goods for which the ban on parallel imports is lifted. From May 6, more than 50 categories of products can be imported without the permission of brand owners and bypassing dealers – from diapers, cosmetics and smartphones to cars, metals and nuclear reactors. Such freedom is given … Read more

Actress Amber Heard masked traces of “beatings” from Johnny Depp with non-existent cosmetics

As follows from the data published in the official TikTok account of the brand, the palette of concealers, shown in court and allegedly used by Hurd during the relationship with Depp, went on sale in 2017, after the divorce of the star couple. .