Sister of Vera Brezhneva Anastasia shared in social networks a touching correspondence with her mother Lomohov/Russian Look Vera Brezhneva’s sister Anastasia posted on social networks a touching correspondence with her mother Tamara Vitalievna. In private messages, the woman supported her daughter. Vera Brezhneva and her three sisters Anastasia, Victoria and Galina have a very close relationship with their mother. Fate took them to different cities and countries. However, in … Read more

A unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine surrendered after correspondence in Telegram

Federal News Agency A unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine decided to voluntarily surrender. Details were reported in the People’s Militia of the DPR. Representatives of the NM indicated that the Ukrainian generals sent poorly armed mobilized soldiers to Zaitsevo. The third brigade of the People’s Militia attacked the unit with artillery, and then … Read more

The lawyer warned about the fine for reading other people’s personal correspondence

Attempting to gain access to someone else’s private messages may result in a punishment in the form of a fine or correctional or compulsory labor. On July 22, lawyer Elena Kuderko spoke about this. According to her, according to Article 138 of the Criminal Code “violation of the secrecy of correspondence, telephone conversations, postal, telegraphic … Read more

The captain of the Ukrainian national team Yarmolenko insulted the host of “Match TV” in personal correspondence

On the first day of summer, Ukrainian football players beat the Scots 3:1 and advanced to the next stage, where they were supposed to fight with the Wales team for a ticket to the World Cup in Qatar. However, after the victory, Yarmolenko wrote a very caustic message to Anisimov, which the presenter decided to … Read more

“Kommersant”: the working correspondence of Russian officials will be transferred to the service from VK

Currently, the platform is being actively implemented in the authorities. By the end of 2023, it is planned to develop a federal state system on its basis, to which all civil servants will be connected. The service should become a replacement for other applications, including Telegram, WhatsApp, Microsoft Exchange, Zoom, Skype and others. .

Details of Ukrainian nationalist’s correspondence with a teenager published

The correspondence of a fighter of the Ukrainian national battalion “Donbass” Sergei Yeremeev with a familiar teenager who tried to leave for Russia as a refugee came into the possession of the Russian security forces. Eremeev wrote to him that he had little rest, and more work, but “it’s worth it.” According to the militant, … Read more

In Chelyabinsk, an eighth-grader was detained after an intimate correspondence with a nine-year-old girl

Federal News Agency / Stepan Yatsko The police detained a student of the eighth grade due to intimate correspondence with a nine-year-old girl, the press service of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Chelyabinsk region reported. “A criminal case has been initiated against a young Russian under paragraph “b” of Part 4 of … Read more

Business does not want to keep the correspondence of machine tools // Industrialists against the spread of the “Yarovaya Law” to technological networks

The Commission for Communications and IT of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) criticized the initiative of the Ministry of Digital Development, which expands the scope of the Yarovaya Law to the technological networks of companies. The RSPP fears that this will lead to significant costs for large enterprises due to the need … Read more

The Ministry of Economy agreed to toughen the rules for identification at absentee meetings of shareholders

The Ministry of Economy of Russia, after the comments of the Federal Security Service (FSB), finalized the draft law on the rules for holding meetings of shareholders in the online format. According to Interfax, citing a source familiar with the preparation of the document, the ministry agreed to tighten the rules for identifying participants in … Read more