In Hungary, they announced the desire of corporations to make the United States of Europe out of the EU

Private global corporations outside of Europe want to turn the European Union (EU) into the United States of Europe, said Laszlo Kever, Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament. “Private global corporations, as a rule, located outside Europe, want to turn the European Union into the United States of Europe, into a federation, into an empire, which … Read more

Import substitution will receive a loan // SMEs are promised loans at 3–4.5% per annum

To attract small and medium-sized businesses to import substitution, the authorities are piloting a new program of concessional lending for investment purposes – at only 3% and 4.5% per annum. This tool will be available to companies in the processing, logistics, agricultural processing and hospitality industries. In order to reduce the cost of lending, it … Read more

The Ministry of Finance will not yet give state corporations directives to replace “unfriendly” currencies

The Ministry of Finance does not see the need for directives to state corporations on the transfer of funds stored in the currencies of unfriendly countries to other currencies. It is reported by RBC. The department notes that state-owned companies are already trying to get rid of unreliable currencies. “Together with companies (the Ministry of … Read more

Partners in Depression // Alexander Gabuev on the anxieties of European business

Since the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine, I have rarely met more depressed people than US officials working in the Russian direction. The other day it turned out that the weekend in the company of the owners and top managers of large Scandinavian and German corporations, who gathered in one of the European capitals to … Read more

Borrow but invest // The Ministry of Economy, the Central Bank and the SME Corporation will combine preferential lending programs

For the sake of import substitution by the forces of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the authorities plan to adjust the cost of investment loans for the sector – in particular, for this it is proposed to combine the concessional lending program for SMEs under government decree No. 1764 and the joint lending incentive program … Read more

Property of Russian corporations worth 4.5 billion arrested in Ukraine

The property of nine enterprises worth UAH 4.5 billion, which belonged to the holding companies of the aggressor country, was arrested. This was reported by the press service National police. “In the course of the pre-trial investigation, law enforcement officers discovered the assets of Russian corporations worth more than 4.5 billion hryvnias, including offshore ones, … Read more

Corporations have been prescribed a cyber audit

The government has specified the list of the largest companies that must conduct a security check of their information systems by July 1. The list includes 58 organizations, the audit of their cyber defense is justified by the need to “develop measures to ensure the security of the country’s information resources.” But such a check … Read more

Why lawyers do not like the status of the Social Fund

As follows from the conclusion of the Council for the Codification and Improvement of Civil Legislation (Kommersant has it), the greatest number of questions from its members was caused by the new organizational and legal status of the future Social Fund proposed by the Ministry of Labor. As stated in the document, “an analysis of … Read more

Top managers flee from positions in American corporations

The number of CEO resignations at US companies rose to 123 in April, up from 119 in March, according to the study. Analysts note that although this number is 8% less than in April 2021, 518 CEOs have left their posts since the beginning of this year, which is the highest number for the entire … Read more